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Good research at I researched all the options they offer and read all the research. I like them because their site focuses on helping solve your pool problem, NOT just trying to sell you some product. In the end I emailed them about my problem. I got a phone call from the owner. We talked for about 5-10 minutes, and he said that I did not need to buy anything from him, and he gave me simple step-by-step instructions to fix my pool wall problem. I took his advise, and the pool is fine (cost me $200 in materials instead for $2000 in pool coatings). I am new to this also. I have to select a coating for an existing pool.

Suggesting coating (I don't know about Pebbletech, which is a surfacing more than a coating or paint), I would recommend to look to Ramuc, National paints manufacturers. Then the discussion will go on choosing between Epoxy, Rubber or Acrylic coating.

Not all these coating can co-exist or be used over old coating. Acrylic seems the easiest to apply but with a shorter useful life. AnswerMy gunite pool was resurfaced with fiberglass. It is smoothe to the touch and I use significantly less chemicals because fiberglass isn't pourous like gunite. AnswerNew surface for a Gunite Pool shell.

You can choose the more common marcite surface, this is a marble + white portland cement + additives mix for a surface which has lasted over 30 years when properly taken care of.

Secondly you could go with a finish of quartz + additives which is more durable and forgives more abuse, these finishes last and last most even have 10 -15 year warranties

Fiberglass coatings are also available for gunite pool shells and have options also.

Not to mention auto covers for all pools, chlorine generators, wireless controls, and lights of all colors, water features have never been more high tech. Your licensed pool pro is available to help you.

Many people ask me how can people justify owning a gunite pool with a very expensive quartz or diamondbrite finish? To help answer that question, I ask them, What's important to you?

Inevitably the answer is, "Everything is important" And those sucessfull owners are demanding pools that are gorgeous , have features that make every moment enjoyable, always want reliable and safe products, that also keep their value. good swimming.

Whatever finish you choose, avoid DiamonBrite. It stains very easily, is highly sensitive to chemical balance and a real nuisance. Our 2 year old pool needs to be fully resurfaced because the DiamonBrite blue finish is now streaked with grey. In our new FL development, Rottlund Homes selected Oasis Pools who recommended DiamonBrite over Marcite and PebbleTech. All of us regret following their advise. All of us, over 60 homes, are looking at replastering. Acid wash only temporarily fixes the problem.

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Q: What is the best coating for an inground pool?
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