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What is the best dual sport motorcycle?

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2009-08-30 08:52:24

That's a very well thought-out response, however I feel the need

to mention two other bikes which were excluded -

1. Suzuki's DR650

2. Yamaha's XTZ Tenere

Both bikes are easily tailored to your needs. If you want to

spend more time offroad riding and you need something tough, these

bikes are easily adjusted with tires, suspension and muffler

changes to be serious offroad beasts. These bikes have long

history's of proven offroad capability. And they can carry a

serious load. But they are also a charm on the road.

If you're just starting out - these bikes are ideal. A second

hand Tenere is cheap and will last you a long time, but a brand new

DR650 is also cheap and will last you a long time.

Yamaha have just released their latest Tenere after a break for

a while, so the new one should be a great improvement.

But before you get serious about dual sport riding, you want to

answer some basic questions first.

Go and check out in

the resources links.

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