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What is the best fast food resturant?

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MC Donald's is the best fast food restaurant in the world

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Where did Kobe Bryant work at?

he worked at A FAST FOOD RESTURANT...

What is the healthiest fast food resturant?

I would say subway but I'm not sure if they count subway as a fast food restaurant

Im only 14 where can you work?

Mc'Donalds, Burger King, Hungry Jacks or any other fast food resturant.

How can you dine out properly when eating fast food?

Alot of people go on the internet and check out meals before they go to the resturant.

Who is the owner of the Sonic on carrier pkwy?

garcia julio is a multi million air & ownes many other fast food resturants near by, he dreams of moving to California & opening a fast food resturant.

Name a reason someone might prefer eating at a fast food resturant?

1. reason is maybe you dont have food at your house 2. you dont have to cook and 3.resteraunts rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good food Fast service Convenient

Where can a 14 year old get a job in kingwood Texas?

Try a local fast food place, or a bus boy at a local resturant.

Why is Wendy's way better than fast food when it is a fast food restraunt?

Wendy's is a fast-food resturant and therefore is not good for you. However, the food is very well prepared and comes very natural compared to some other fast-food resturants. (It of course extremely unnatural compared to homemade food, and it is much worse for you). The resturants are also kept very clean and organized which makes the food a lot safer to eat.

What is the best resturant?


What is McDonald's fast food?

Only the best fast food restaurant in the world!.

How do you get your food?

Buy some, or eat from a resturant. (I recommend Sainsbury's)

What is the best place to get fast food?

The Best fast food place to eat is KFC. They do not freeze there chicken.

What is a hypothesis for fast food?

i believe that mcdonalds is the fast food that kids like the best

What fast food restraunt is the best?

Fat food!

Jobs for 15 year olds in flint MI?

food and resturant

What is the best fast food restaurant?

London Darbar for sure, Best in Asian food.

How many Americans eat at a fast food restaurant each day?

I recently did a study on this, for one fastfood resturant around 300-500 people go and eat in one day.

What are some jobs involving food?

some jobs involving food is a chef, nutritionist, and resturant owner

What is Niall's favorite food from one direction?

His favorite food is either anything at the resturant Nandos, or pizza

What is the best fast-food restraunt ever?

The best Fast-Food place ever is Sahara Beach's fast-food. (Sahara Beach is in Tunisia which is in Africa wihich in on this Earth) ROCK ON SAHARA BEACH!!

What is the best teen job?

=Fast food=

Fast food retaurant organizational chart?

The best organization chart for a fast food restaurant is a hierarchy. Fast food must have executive management as well as supervisors.

Which fast food restaurant is healthier?

I would say Subway's is the best, but if you really want to learn how unhealthy fast food restaurants are read Fast Food Nation.

What is the Japanese food cooked at your table?

does the type of japanese resturant wher the food is cooked in front of you have a specific nane?

How are star ratings given to the restaurants?

the star ratings are given to the resturant depending if the food critic likes the food