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There is no "best" but there are effective ways to remove fleas on dogs. One is bathing him in dog shampoo and a dish soap. Frontline is good but please note that you should not use it indefinitely because it can make your pet sick. Now that the fleas are gone, there are still chances that fleas will return. It's because there are still "FLEA EGGS" lying around the house. They often fall off on your dog and find their way back into your pet.

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Can cat flea treatment be used on small dogs?


What is the best brand of flea treatment for puppies?

It depends on the age of the puppy. But if i were you i wouldn't put flea treatment on them until they are at least 8 weeks of age. I use frontline plus on all of my dogs and cats.

What is the best flea treatment for ferrets?

Best flea treatment for ferrets is either Advantage or Frontline. Refer to related question below for more information

What do use to keep fleas off of dogs?

You can put a flea collar on your dog, or buy flea treatment from your local vet or supermarket to treat them with it.

Is it safe to use frontline flea treatment on humans to kill head lice?

It is not safe to use Frontline flea treatment on humans to kill head lice. This product was specifically created for cats and dogs.

What does flea treatment do?

Flea treatment kills any live fleas and there eggs.

What is the best shampoo or powder for dog flea treatment?

I would not use powder. Any flea shampoo is fine, also you could use a flea collar.

What kind of shampoo or treatment can be used to get rid of lice?

The best deal is to use the flea dip for dogs. It cost 1/3 the price, twice as strong, and you get double the amount.

What are the more effective products at flea control for indoor animals?

Advantage once a month topical flea treament for dogs and puppies is one of the highest rated in flea control for dogs. For cats, Revoltion is the best bet.

How can you get fleas off your dog?

The Best Addivce I Can Give You, Is Get Flea Removal For Dogs.

Provided care for dogs cats and other animals for extended-owner vacations?

When no other flea and tick oral treatment works for your dog, try this innovative and one of the best flea treatments for dogs. NexGard comes as a new generation oral treatment for fleas and ticks. With its advanced treatment formula, these tasty chewables kill fleas and protects dogs from harmful flea infestation. The repeated dose at every 30 days also destroys ticks. These beef-flavored flea pills for dogs are easy to administer, without any mess of topical treatment. NexGard kills and controls adult fleas and 4 different kinds of ticks โ€“ the American dog tick, the Lone Star tick, Brown dog tick and Deer tick.

Is frontline the best flea prevention medicine for dogs?

Yes and it also helps with ticks.

What are the best flea control products?

Advantage once-a-month and Sentinel are the best flea treatment. Frontline plus also works great! Ask your vet which would be best for your pet. Flea collars, dips and shampoos are the best products in price. They also won't harm your pet like medical methods.

Does Frontline prevent fleas as well as ticks?

frontline is the best tick & flea treatment there is. it is very safe

What is one holistic flea treatment for dogs?

There are many holistic flea treatments for dogs; one of these treatments is the Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy. It is a powder that can be applied on a pet's fur as well as bedding, carpets, and furniture. The powder uses a natural compound called diatomaceous that kills fleas and their eggs and larvae in a few hours.

Is there something you can do if your cat is allergic to fleas?

They sell flea spray for cats and dogs. Check with a pet store in your area.They sell flea spray for cats and dogs. Check with a pet store in your area.They sell flea spray for cats and dogs. Check with a pet store in your area.They sell flea spray for cats and dogs. Check with a pet store in your area.They sell flea spray for cats and dogs. Check with a pet store in your area.They sell flea spray for cats and dogs. Check with a pet store in your area.

What helps relieve dogs of flea itch?

flea itch reliever..... obviously:/

Can you use dog flea drops on ducks?

Absolutely not ! They're designed for use ONLY on dogs. Take the duck to your vet and have them prescribe a suitable treatment.

Can dogs get fleas in the state of Nevada?

Dogs can get fleas just about anywhere. All it takes is one, and before you know it, they're all over the place. On top of it, there's more than one kind of flea. Where I live, we have the common flea and what we call a `sand flea`, which is worse than the regular ones. I'd suggest a regular treatment of something like Hartz 4 in 1, which is an easy to apply monthly treatment. Where I live, it's quite effective.

How do you treat your poodle for fleas?

buy flea treatment and get a flea repellant collar and brush them daily

What is the parasitism between a flea and a dog?

the flea sucks the dogs blood, therefore the flea benefits, while the dog detriments...

Do all dogs get fleas?

Yes. All dogs can get fleas, but not very often. You can reduce the amount by using flea powder or a flea collar.

Do flea colars work for dogs?

i think that's what their mainly for.... dogs.

Is flea treatment bad for dogs if they swallow it?

You need to contact your vet, or the National Animal Poison Control Center at 1-800-548-2423 immediately.

I gave my dogs a bath today how long do I need to wait before applying flea treatment?

Wait for about thirty minutes so that the dog can dry up.