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A lemon. A pickle if you have another choice. Seriously.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-09 23:54:05
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Q: What is the best fruit to use to power a clock?
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Can fruit power a light bulb?

yes, you can power a light bulb using fruit. You must use a type of fruit. It has to be citrus.

Which is the best blade to use in fruit ninja?

there is no "best blade". they all do the same thing {cut fruit}

How do you Reme sand from concrete pool?

use a power washer -cooco clock

Will a strawberry power a clock?

sure, a strawberry can power a clock, if you use as your electrodes, magnesium and copper. Then again so can plain water, lots of videos on youtube showing it, or how to do it even.

What is the best way to package fruit?

use your initotive

What will attract and kill fruit flies?

Vinegar is the best to use to trap and kill fruit flies.

What are the advantages that come from the use of a longcase clock?

Some of the advantages that come from the use of a longcase clock are that the clock is entirely powered by mechanical energy and does not require any electrical power. They also usually can be used as a focal point of a room.

What website can I use as an alarm clock?

One can use alarm clock on various websites like -, These sites are special for their alarm clocks and are popular. I think is the best site for alarm clock.

Can you use an orange to power a clock?

Yes but only a very low tech one

What is the best fruit to use in a mosquito repellent?

apples and pears

What type of knife is best for slicing fruit?

A fruit carving knife is best but I am sure, if you are careful, you could use other knives to get the job done.

How much power does a microwave use when not in use but plugged in?

Unless it has a digital clock or any other light on the front - nothing. If it has a clock it'll pull a few milliamps - say 20-50 mA.

How do you fix a Grandmother clock?

The best thing is to take it to a clock shop. There can be many things wrong with the clock varying from needing oil (dont use a spray) to needing a new movement or rebuild.

How long will fruit salad last in the refrigerator?

Cut fruit is going to be at its best if used the same day. Depending on the fruit you use, it might keep for another day.

How do you set the clock on a 1991 Buick Lesabre?

Turn on the power knob for the radio/clock. Wait until the clock display shows up. Press "set", and use the "scan" and "seek" buttons to set the time. Hope this helps!

What is the best way to hang a large wall clock?

A large and heavy wall clock must be hung so that it is secure and does not either fall or damage the wall. To accomplish this, the clock should preferably be hung where there is a stud in the wall. This can be found with a stud finder. Mark the place to hang the clock, and use a screwdriver to secure a heavy screw for hanging. Use heavy picture wire on the back of the clock to hang the clock from the screw.

How can We Choose Best Fruit Bowl In Birmingham?

Want to buy the best Crushed diamond fruit bowl in Birmingham by the authentic Platform? The I want to tell you how can you can the best fruit bowl in Birmingham. Our company provide the best and amazing fruit bowl in Birmingham. We use little amount of crushed diamond at the time of making fruit bowl in Birmingham. The look of our fruit bowl in Birmingham is outstanding. Here the opportunity to improve the beauty of the home through the amazing fruit bowl in Birmingham. You can also use our fruit bowl in Birmingham as a decoration piece. In case of more details call our consultant @ +44 7455 626445 directly and visit our website. Thanks.

Are lemons and other assorted fruits good enough to power up a light bulb just because of the citric acid or electrolytes in fruit. are fruits the best to use to power up a light bulb?

you know the lemon doesn't work because there isn't enough power to power a ligt bulb.

Best product to quit smoking?

The best product to use is WILL POWER.

What kind of clock does a paleontologist use?

Molecular Clock

What kind of clock does paleontologist use?

Molecular Clock

What is clock?

a clock is something to use to tell time.

What can you use for wasp bait?

If you want to attract wasps, one of the best things is sugar syrup with some ripe fruit added, or just use watered down fruit jam.

How do you defeat the Binary Bard's clock on Super Villain Island?

There are 4 power connections on the clock that spark briefly when both hands of the clock connect to the numbers 3, 6, 9, or 12 (for example, 3 o'clock, or 9 o'clock). Use the Stopwatch when the hands are there and you will short out the clock. After 3 times, the clock disappears and you receive the Astrolabe Totem.

What is an easy way of understanding which fruit conducts electricity best and how do you do it?

Find a digital multimeter (fairly inexpensive) and stick the test leads into different ends of a piece of fruit. Use the "ohms" setting on the meter. The fruit that has the lowest reading will have the best conductivity.