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If you own a home with equity, a 2nd mortgage would be better since the interest can be a deduction on your taxes. If you have no equity--in other words you mortgaged 100% of the property's worth, it does not mean you can't do an equity loan but the interest won't be deductable. If you don't own any real estate, then any loan with the lowest interest would best suit your needs.

2006-08-01 19:19:14
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Q: What is the best kind of loan to get if you want to borrow 12000 and pay it off over 60 months and you have a credit score of 661?
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How long do i have to have a credit card before i get a credit score?

6 months

Is grantsgov a scam?

Will steal from me if i let them borrow $490 to raise my credit score?

If you have a lot of recent credit enquiries on your report how long does it take for your credit score to improve?

Credit inquires are factored into the score for 12 months for the purposes of lending and for 24 months for purposes of insurance quotes and underwriting.

How long do credit inquiries affect your credit score?

Credit inquiries are logged on your file for a period of 2 years. Some argue that the score itself is only effected for 12 months, but the inquiry is visible for 24 months.

Will grantsgov steal from me if i let them borrow 490 to raise my credit score-?

The company, grantsgov, most likely will steal your money. Never pay anyone money to raise your credit score, it is a scam.

Will grantsgov steal from me if i let them borrow 490 to raise my credit score?

Any place that asks for money to raise your credit score is a scam. Never give money to any website especially grantsgov.

If you pay off nine old collections and charge-off accounts over 7 months would there be a drastic increase in your credit score after 16 months?

A consumer's credit score is based on ALL of the information showing in your credit file at the time the score is calculated, not just the items you have mentioned.

Does consolidating debt loan help improve your credit score?

A debt consolidation does absolutely nothing to improve your credit score. Consolidating debt causes you to simply borrow more money to pay off old debts.

How do you have a good credit score?

The easiest way is to borrow money in a variety of different ways (e.g. credit cards, car loan, store revolving credit, student loan, mortgage) and always pay on schedule on all these loans. Do not keep the balance on credit cards too close to their credit limits. Also if you rent an apartment always pay your rent on time.However remember that every time you open a new credit card or loan account your credit score will drop for several months, so avoid doing too much credit activity at one time.

What does your credit score start out as?

There is no starting credit score. The FICO credit score ranges from 300 to 850, but if someone doesn't have any credit at all, the score will be reported as N/A. According to the Fair Isaac Company (FICO) you need 6 months of account information in order to get a FICO credit score. The score itself will be determined based on several factors such as your utilization rate, type of account, payment history, inquiries, etc....

What is the max loan amount for a credit score of 620?

The max loan to value amount based on your credit score would be 100% financing. As far as loan amount that would be based off your income and monthly obligations, credit score dictates how much of a percentage you may borrow and your interest rate, it doesn't dictate how much money you can borrow. There are also alternative means of documentation and mortgage programs if you do need to qualify for more money.

Will paying off loans early give you a lower credit score?

As long as you have had the loan open for 12 months and have been making timely payments it will not lower your credit score. It will actually increase your credit score to pay off early if it is an installment loan.

Is it true that a collection that has been paid off will not effect your score after 18 months?

That is not true. It does affect your credit score, but after 12 months, the amount of impact begins to decline. How much of a decline is based on ALL the factors which impact credit scores.

Can a home be refinanced for more than the current loan amount?

Depending on your credit score you can refinance up to 100% of the appraised value of your home. In fact, there are some lenders who will allow you to borrow up to 125% of the value, if you have a credit score about 720.

Will your credit score drop if you close a zero balance credit card that has been open for only four months?

There are many factors in credit scoring. Closing an account should not make it drop in score. Especially if it is a small amount of credit available.

When accounts are deleted from credit report that was under bk can your credit score go up?

Yes, any credit searches over 6 months old, but ideally when they come off automatically after 12 months

Can you get a loan for 12000 with a 661 credit score if you don't want to use the equity in your home?

A person may be able to receive a loan for $12,000 with a credit score of 661. The loan officer will need to underwrite the loan, and other aspects will be taken into account, such as the debt to income ratio.

How often does your credit score change?

One's credit score is in a constant state of flux because any change in the credit report results in the bureau automatically recalculating your credit score. In general, assuming that one is not actively looking for new credit, is paying off their existing credit lines on time, is not growing balances and is not filing for bankruptcy, your score will change in a minor way every two-to-three (2-3) months.

What does a credit score of 830 mean?

A credit score of 830 is a very good. According to Experian, most credit scores are between 600 and 750 but other scoring models have ranges that vary. A good credit score can help qualify you for the best interest rates. As a result, you’ll likely pay lower finance charges on loans and credit card balances.

How can you raise your credit score quick?

The fastest way to raise your credit score is to pay off all of your outstanding credit card debts and any non-collateralized personal loans. After two (2) months, the status of zero balances across many products will raise your credit score. Now, if your credit score is low because of missed payments, judgments, writeoffs, etc., doing the above will raise your score, but not to a level where you will find it easy to obtain new credit instruments.

What is the maximum one can borrow from fast cash loans?

The maximum depends on your credit history. If you are one that is in bankrupt or has a bad history, the time will be short. If you have a perfect credit score than the time will be greater.

What makes your credit score go up?

Credit scores look at all the typical things. Do you have any credit accounts? You gotta have credit to have a credit score. How long have you had credit? What is your credit history like? Do you pay on-time or do you have significant delinquencies and defaults? A credit report is, in the simplest of terms, a history of how you have managed debt in the past. If that history is positive you will have a high score. If you have a history of not managing debt well, your score will reflect that. Aside from the simplicities, there are tips and tricks to help raise scores. But those won't work if you don't understand and practice the basics; namely, to borrow, then pay back, on time.

How much foreclosure effect your credit rating?

A foreclosure will substantially reduce your credit score in the short term and will remain on your credit for 7 years. If you do not get into credit shock after a foreclosure and continue to add good credit to your profile, e.g. secure credit card and pay other bills in a time--you will see that it will not have as much affect on your score in about 24 to 36 months. Creditors are concern about what you have done in the last 24 months. Your credit score is rating in the following many: Your payment history is 35% of your score and the amount owed is 30%, the length of time you have your credit is 15%, so the older is the better, the type of credit is 10%, and new credit is 10%. It is best that you keep this in mind and do not continue to improve your credit after a foreclosure.

What does your credit score have to be to get a credit card?

This completely depends on the bank you are going to and their guidelines. Currently, most banks are turning people down with credit score below 660. If your score is not high enough, one of my favorite ways to boost a person's credit card score is to teach them about the magic of authorized users. Authorized usersare people who have permission to use other people's credit cards. For instance, your husband might have a Citi card. His name, and his credit score, was used to apply for the account, but you have permission to use the account.Becoming an authorized user is a powerful way to boost your credit score because you get to borrow the account holder's good credit history. If you are an authorized user on a credit card in good standing, your credit score will reflect the credit card's positive payment history by increasing. Beware, though: If you are an authorized user on a credit card in poor standing, your credit score will reflect the credit card's negative payment history by dropping.

What does a 667 credit score mean?

I dont know what exactly 667 is but a credit score is rated on how good your credit/debit card use is, EG: your credit score is Good