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What is the best liquid detergent for washing your car?

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Hi! I personally use Simple Green on my van. I have used it for years. You can even clean carpets with it. It makes tires cleaner than any carwash detergent I have ever used. Plus, its concentrated, so just a little in a bucket of water is all you need. I spray it undiluted on the tires and rims tho. Also, its harmless to the environment!

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What is the best thing to wash your car with-?

A general purpose detergent is the best thing to wash your car with.

Can you use joy dish washing liquid soap for washing the car?

You can if you wish but the dish soap may strip off any wax you may have on the car.

Can you wash Car tires with a dish washing liquid?

no get some proper stuff

Can you use dawn to wash car?

It'll take the wax right if you WANT the wax off, Dawn is just fine. Otherwise, use car-washing detergent.

What would you call car washing?

washing a car

What breaks down fabric softener?

I spilled a very large bottle of liquid tide detergent on my carpet in my car. The lid wasn't on tight. Even though I love the smell in tide detergent the smell in my car carpet is making me very ill. The carpet is SOAKED with this. Any suggestion of what I car use to get this smell of the carpet in my car.

What is the best car wash brush for washing my car?

One of the best car wash burshes for washing a car is the a buffer. The electric buffers are even better because they are good to help keep the scratches out of the car. You would need a soft one those so it won't cause circular and scratches.

How should you wash a car?

Sponge Bath with Soap & Water or Car Wash it is your choice. In the shade, From the top down with a detergent made especially for a car's finish. Rince the car throughly before washing. Do not use Dish Detergent or any other harsh cleaner. It will not only remove dirt but also your wax job. Wash the wheels and tires last.

How do you make car wash soap?

There are many different ways to make your own car wash soap. Simply using dish detergent in warm water is one way to make your own car wash soap. Another way is to use 1 cup of liquid dish washing soap and 12 tablespoons of powdered laundry detergent in warm water to make a good car wash soap. For a more eco-friendly car wash soap, you can use 1 cup of a vegetable-based oil soap or multipurpose green cleaner mixed with warm water. Does this help you?

What do you need to give your car a car wash?

For the outside:a hosea bucket of water with some washing up liquid in it.a spongeFor the inside:polishclothhoover

Participial phrase in the boy washing his car left his lights on is what?

washing his car

What are the best car washing tools?

Some of the best car washing tools include a micro fiber cloth, a rim cleaning brush and soap which protects the paint finish. SONAX and Armor All brands are good ones to use.

How do you say washing my car in Spanish?

Washing my car is "Limpiando mi automovil" in Spanish.

What is the participial phrase in this sentence The boy washing his car left his lights on?

washing his car

Is it good to wash your car in the driveway?

Yes, driveways are often used for automobile washing and repairing. When washing your car, the best method I prefer to use is pressure washing. It takes away most of the dirt and avoids scratches caused by brushes. Also it is convenient in washing the undercarriage of my car with an undercarriage cleaner from best car gurus. I attach it with my pressure washer and it will do its cleaning magic.

what is the best sytem for home car washing?

Best way is the same way it's been done forever.It's not the easiest way,but you get the best results by simply putting the work in to handwash a car.

How do I was my car and what will I need?

The best way to wash your car is by hand. You can get the car washing solution and a shami which are the two most things that you need to wash and dry your vehicle.

Is it safe to use dawn liquid dish soap on cars?

NO but i do anyways and the paint on my bumper is peeling off now i wouldn't. it may be because the bumper is made of plastic thoANSWER:Dishwashing detergent is a low level caustic detergent and is probably the best thing you can use as soap for your car. RULE #1 for washing cars is using "car soap"... NOT DISH WASHING DETERGENT. it may make your car germ free, but who has the money to re-wax their car every time they wash their car. it's made to cut through grease so you better believe its going to take the wax right off (even with a poorly done wash job) then your car is unprotected, so i think it's safe to say that it's NOT safe on your car...if you're like me and don't wax or care about your cars paint job because its not a Benz or BMW then go ahead and drizzle it all over your hood to get the love bugs off lol but don't come crying to me when your paint starts bleaching because you took the wax off that was protecting your clear coat which was protecting your paint.

What should you say after after the car is washed?

If someone washed it for you: Thank you for washing the car, I greatly appriciate it! If you wash the car: I'm finished washing the car!

What should you use to wash your car?

I recommend you use a car wash detergent made especially for car finishes, that you can buy almost anywhere. Do not use any detergent that removes grease or it will remove your wax.

Which companies produce car washing equipment?

Jim Coleman Company - Hanna Car Wash is the nation's largest car washing equipment manufacturer, specializing in automatic car washing equipment. They are mainly self-serve operational wash equipment.

Is sae 30 non detergent oil the same as motor oil for a car?

( No ) vehicle engines use an oil with detergent

Is washing a car community service?


What can remove car oil from your dogs hair?

Detergent, soap.

Can a canvas convertible top be properly cleaned?

When we were young in the 50's we used Oxydol clothes washing detergent powder in a bucket of warm water. Lightly scrubbed canvas with a scrub brush and made sure to rinse suds off top and car immediately. The detergent will proubly remove any wax on paint so you will want to rewax car after a thorough canvas top cleaning. Bucky