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I would have to say that windows mobile is the best but for you apple lovers I would says iOS 4 for iPhone.

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android 4.0 is the best os ever i thing 4.1 is be better and faster i love Google all is free and u find all u need

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Q: What is the best mobile phone operating system?
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What is the best universal mobile operating system?

the satilite

What is the best operating system is better in the mobile phones?

symbian anna OS is best.

What operating system type best classifies Android?

Android is a mobile operating system designed to be run on cellular devices, and more recently tablet computers and television sets.

What is the best mobile download site?

The best mobile download site is a matter of personal opinion and depends on which mobile operating system you have. Android has Google Play and Apple has the Apple app store and I-tunes.

The best mobile phone in India?

i phone 5

Mobile application for Muslim prayer times like athan or adhan?

I have used many different ones. The best one so far I found is Mobile Muezzin. You can get it at It just works...!Answer:if found the best program to be "Islamic Organizer" from nokia . of course you have to have a nokia phone running symbian s60 operating system.

What is the best mobile phone for a teenage girl?


Which is Best window mobile phone with wi fi?

Apple iphone i think iphone5 is the best window mobile phone with wifi.

Give the best introduction of disadvantages of mobile phone to the student?

mobile phone can use for everthing . However ,mobile phone have disadvantanges. By using a mobile phone . we use the mobile phone to communicate or browsing the internet .the disadvantages by using a mobile phone is we always waste the time with the mobile phone to play a game or when the mobile phone have internet , we do not do anythings just sit and play .

Where can someone get a mobile phone battery?

You can get a mobile phone battery online from the Best Buy website. You can also get mobile phone batteries from retailers such as Overstock and Amazon.

What type of operating system is suitable for airway reservation system?

online operating system is best.

Which cell phone company has the best mobile phone deals?

In my opinion, Boost mobile and Virgin mobile have the best plans available. Boost mobile is unlimited talk, text and web for $50 a month with shrinkage.