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Overheating is almost always cause by either low coolant level, stuck thermostat, plugged radiator, plugged engine coolant passages, blown head gasket, bad water pump, non running electric cooling fan at radiator, or loose water pump drive belt. Check fluid level, check drive belt for pump, look for leaks at the water pump, turn on A/C and see if fan is running, smell exhaust (sweet smell indicates blown head gasket), start engine when cold and radiator cap off. Look for flow of coolant in radiator. No flow usually indicates a bad water pump, or a stuck thermostat. If all these check OK, then you may need to remove radiator and have it cleaned. Replace the thermostat at this time. Bleed the system after reinstalling radiator and filling with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water.

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Q: What is the best order of elimination for identifying the cause for a 95 Dodge Caravan overheating?
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