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No, being upside down would probably cause the the sperm to pool behind the cervix, which is not helpful. Best sex position is supposed to be missionary with your legs up and wrapped around him, and you try to orgasm when he does as it helps the sperm along. Also after he has ejaculated inside you, put a pillow underneath your hips, it will raise your hips to aid gravity, so the sperm can swim easier. Stay lying down with the pillow beneath your hips for about 45 minutes to an hour. Don't forget to take lots of folic acid if you are trying to have a baby, and to eat healthily. Good luck

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Q: What is the best position to get pregnant and is it true that if you hang upside down that the sperm will go down more and help with conception?
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How long does it take to get pregnant-?

It takes about one second to get pregnant. When sperm enters the egg, conception occurs.

Can you become pregnant yourself?

If you are asking if a girl can become pregnant by herself, with no male and no sperm, no. There is no 'immaculate conception' for humans. Pregnancy requires sperm and egg.

Does conception mean I'm already pregnant?

well conception is the day that the sperm met the egg so by that definition u are pregnant if sperm and egg have met. but at the same time if it does not implant into the uterus then u would miscarry

Is conception the day you got pregnant or is two weeks before that?

Conception is when sperm meets egg and they attach to the wall of your uterus and become an embryo. It's essentially the day you got pregnant.

What happens to the sperm at conception?

At conception, the sperm enters the egg and the DNA of the sperm merges with the DNA of the Egg cell.

Can you be pregnant if the sperm comes right out after you get up from being on top?

You can get pregnant if there is any sperm at any time in your vagina, no matter which position you use.

Can you get a girl pregnant from the back?

any position that gets the sperm near the vagina can get a girl pregnant.

What happens when oocyte is fertilized by two sperm?

It will not be a successful conception and the women will have a period at the end of her cycle instead of getting pregnant.

How does conception occur?

Conception occurs when a egg is fertilised by a sperm.

Can the morning after pill terminate up until implantation or only before conception?

Before implantation you are NOT pregnant. Before conception you are NOT pregnant. The morning after pill works by stopping the ovaries from releasing a egg and by stopping the sperm from reaching the egg and fertilising it.

The joining of an egg and a sperm cell is called conception?

Conception or fertilisation are both terms applied to the fusing of sperm and egg.

Can a girl get pregnant is she is on top?

Yes. It has nothing to do with position, if sperm enters the vagina a female can get pregnant...that's all it takes.

What affect does alcohol have on the sperm and the egg at conception?

Alcohol reduces sperm count, decreasing chances of conception. Alcohol also decreases female fertility because it disrupts hormone balances. It can also lead to an increased risk of miscarriage, and after pregnant fetal alcohol syndrome.

What does 'date of conception' mean?

AnswerThe date of conception is the date that someone gets pregnant - the date the sperm fertilises the egg.AnswerFertilization of an ovum by a spermatozoon. The most likely date of conception is two weeks after the start date of the last menstrual period.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while drinking?

Drinking does not affect getting pregnant. In order to get pregnant, a woman must have intercourse. If the males sperm (released after ejaculation) fertilizes the females egg during sex then she can become pregnant. Drinking will not affect conception.

Can you become pregnant from sperm?

Yes, that is exactly how you become pregnant; during sexual intercourse, if your partner ejaculates while inside you (not the butt). In addition, you'd have to be ovulating or close to ovulating for conception to occur.

Does zinc help you get pregnant?

Zinc is important for the male during conception, but not so much the female. Zinc helps healthy, strong sperm to be created, which is obviously very useful when trying to get pregnant

While intercourse my penis gets soft but I manage to put sperms into my wife's vagina by mastrubation what are the chances of conception?

Sperm + Vagina = Possibility to get pregnant.

What is where a sperm enters an egg?

The sperm enters the egg (conception) in the fallopian tube.

Can a women get pregnant with the sperm in her butt?

NO! a woman can NOT get pregnant with sperm in her butt. the sperm MUST be in the Vagina in order to get pregnant. the only way that she can possibly get pregnant from sperm in her butt is if some of the sperm gets in her Vagina.

The fusion of an egg and sperm is called?


How many sperm are needed for conception?


When eggs and sperm join its called?


What is the moment when the sperm and egg unite?


Can an upside down uterus effect a gurl from pregnancy?

If you mean can it affect a girls chances of GETTING pregnant, yes. It makes it harder to get pregnant because it blocks the path of the sperm to the egg. Different positions however will "swing" the uterus so it no longer blocks the sperm.