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What is the best procedure to mix automotive paint?

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Talk to the people at the paint store for better advise but choose a reducer that matches your paint and temperature range and I go with a 2 to 1 reducer to paint ratio using a 50psi regulator, that works well enough for me.

2007-01-11 16:07:51
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How do you mix automotive paint?

it is best to consult with the automotive paint dealer, supplyer for the correct mixing procedures, there are over 15,570 auto paint products on the market

How mix the brown and red?

You take the brown paint pour it on the ground, do the same with the red paint and mix it with your best clothes.

Can you mix paint and cement mix to paint interior walls?

Yes you can.

What is the proper procedure for painting walls?

Before you start paint work, make sure that the surface is clean of dust, grease and other foreign matter. Decide on superior quality and adequate quantity of paint and mix contents of paint properly to get consistency in paint work.

Can you mix paint with concrete mix?

Yes you can. Substitute 20% of the water for the cement mix with latex paint (Water based paint) and mix slow and thorough. Don't over used too much paint it will damage the integrity of the concrete.

How to mix oil paint?

To mix oil paint you must add the pigment to the oily medium.

What is car paint made of?

There are three basic ingredients in automotive paint:ResinPigmentSolventThe resin is the component that holds together the pigment in suspension, provides adhesion to the surface applied, and determines the quality and paint durability.The pigment comes in a powder form similar to concrete, and the average aftermarket automotive paint mixing system includes about 100 colors or toners to be able to mix formulas including metallic and pearl paint colors.The solvent is what provides the transferability, without the solvent the paint would be to thick in viscosity to transfer from container to container.

What do you get when you mix red with green paint?

Brown Paint

Can you mix latex and oil base paint?

No, they will not mix,

Can mix polyester resin and oil paint?

It will not mix.

how to mix car paint?

you need to mix equal parts car paint and reducer really well. then transfer the mixture to a paint gun.

Can you mix two different brands of paint in watercolour paint?

Yes, all watercolours mix well.

What color do you get if its green and yellow?

I think you get green yellow? BUT the best way to find out is to take green paint and yellow paint and mix it together try it out.

Where can you buy fuchsia pink auto paint?

Anywhere that mixes auto paint can get you whatever color you desire. Try searching for a Keystone Automotive in your area its a subsidiary of LKQ. They mix custom color for a all types of paint guns and or pre-charged aerosol (Spray Can) in whatever color you would like.

Can you mix a water based paint with a cement mixture?

Yes, you can mix water based paint with cement. It will cause the cement to mix bind better

What kind of paint should I use to hand paint gift bags?

Acrylic paint is the best paint to use for gift bags. The colors tend to be bright. It's easy to mix colors, and it dries very quickly.

Can you mix acrylic paint and latex paint?

Yes, since both are water based paints you can mix the to together.

If you mix orange paint with blue paint what color will you have?


What colour do you get when you mix yellow and blue paint?

You get Green Paint.

What happens when you mix green paint with orange paint?


What is the ratio of paint?

always mix your paint to the manufactures specs

What do you get when you mix your dad's red paint with his white paint?

In trouble

How do you mix camoflague green paint?

mix black and yellow

What happens when you mix spray paint and water?

It will usually not mix.

Can you mix paint for paint pod?

No it has been specially designed by Dulux for the paint pod