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Sunwarrior Protein is a great option with easily digestible protein and a great amino acid profile. It also tastes good and mixes easily.

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Q: What is the best protein powder to gain mass without too much fat?
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What are the disadvantages of ensure the protein powder?

Some advantages of protein powder are muscle building and weight loss. Disadvantages of protein powder usage are kidney stones, gout, and weight gain.

Is it okay for a teenage girl to use whey protein powder?

It is definitely alright to use whey protein powder. Just make sure not to overdose on protein because it can be harsh on the kidneys. Also, if you're trying to lose weight/gain muscle, make sure to check out the sugar content of the protein powder. It's best to get the whey protein isolate since that is pure protein powder.

What is the healthiest way to gain 20 pounds?

Protein Powder from your local GNC. That is a healthier way to gain quickly, but they might also have other recommendations.

Can you gain muscle mass and weight without working out?

Yes you most definitely will gain weight if you eat protein and not exercise. If you're working out to gain muscle, this tears your muscle fibers and the protein is used to repair the fibers. If you don't work out, the protein is going nowhere except your hips.

How you will gain the weight?

You can by taking protein powder which creates fat that quickly turns into muscle, which creates more weight. Working out in general will help you gain weight as you are building muscle.

Best protein shake to gain weight?

Whey:flavor chocolate penutbutter

Is protein powder a good way to gain muscles and weight when you work out a lot?

Yes it is but it depends what types of workouts you're doing.

What does weight gain powder do?

weight gain powder gives you more muscle.

Can you gain muscle without protein shake?

No, if you drink protein shakes and dont work out.. That protein will turn into fat. The reason people eat protein while working out is because they want that fat to turn into muscle. I suggest you workout while drinking protein shakes or dont drink the shakes at all.

Some healthy ways to gain weight?

Some healthy ways to gain weight is by slowly adding protein to your diet. Protein comes in many forms from meats and nuts to powder additives and nutrition bars. It's a matter of personal preference but it is always wise to consult a doctor.

I am 16 and I'm looking to gain weight in muscle i go to the gym 2 times a week and play American football on a Sunday if i take whey protein will i gain muscle weight faster?

Technically yes, but the difference will be very small. Protein supplements are great if you know you're going to miss a meal but other than that, eating high protein foods will have the same effects. If you do take protein powder the best time is as soon as possible after training, and mix it with sugar (preferably glucose) as you want to cause an insulin spike.

How do you gain height in teens without pills?

Proper nutrition--get enough protein and calcium; consult with a health professional.