What is the best school in Nottingham?

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Check the OFSTED website ! They'll have data on all schools in the UK.

What is Nottingham famous for?

Answer . Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood and lace making i hate to say it but all its famous for is robin hood and having the most knife crimes and gun crimes in englan and most teenage pregnancies in Europe

Where is Nottingham located?

Nottingham is in the middle of England. Like, right in the middle. It's categorized as being in the East Midlands. Derby is the next city to the west, Leicester to the south, Mansfield to the north and there isn't a big city to the east, but Lincolnshire is the county to the east.

Who was the Sheriff of Nottingham?

the sheriff of Nottingham was in charge of the county of Nottinghamshire throughout the reign of King John the 1st

What high school is the best?

The best high school in the USA is Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia.

Birmingham to Nottingham?

There is approximately 4,250 miles between Birmingham, Alabama andNottingham, United Kingdom. The flight would take about 9 hours ona commercial airline.

What county is Nottingham in?

Nottinghamshire. Nottingham is within Nottinghamshire is everyday parlance. However, if you are being pedantic and technical ~ it is not. In 1449 the then Borough of Nottingham received a Royal Charter. The Charter provided that the Borough of Nottingham with the exception of the Castle and Shire ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Nottingham?

facts about Nottingham It has a castle. The Sherriff of Nottingham was always hunting Robin Hood. Females outnumber males in Nottingham.

What is the population of Nottingham?

the population of Nottingham is 740000 the population of Nottingham is 740000 the population of Nottingham is 740000 the population of Nottingham is 740000

What are the best schools to go to in High School?

Millburn High School in Millburn, NJ has received the Blue Ribbon School, which is the highest reward an American school could possibly receive. For anyone interested, Anne Hathaway grew up in Millburn and graduated from Millburn High School.

Is Nottingham in derby?

No, in fact they are rival cities and the question may actually offend people from Nottingham, which has problems with gun crime, and Derby, which has its own problems with drugs.. Nottingham is located at 52°57′N 1°08′W , while Derby is located at 52°55.32′N 1°28.55â ( Full Answer )

Where is the location of Nottingham?

Nottingham is in the UK, in the East Midlands (the centre of England) It is near Birmingham but Derby is closer. Leeds is north east of it too. Maybe you should look at a map.

How best to talk to your girlfriend at school about school?

I am in 6th grade and i have the best girlfriend that i will have in awhile...we were best friends before we were going out and we basically talked about everything! like talking about teachers was like our talking last year....go to her locker between classes, comment on her shoes...look at the pic ( Full Answer )

What school is the best school in the Philippines?

UST University of Santo Thomas UP University of the Philppines Southville International School and Colleges(Pre-school to college) and Southville Foreign University(college) Brent international School De La Salle Zobel University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD)

Is colyton high school the best school?

I sent my child to colyton high school and she got depression from all the bulling please dont send your child there my child now goes to erskine park high school and i strongly recommend it :)

How can you do your best at school?

You can only do best at school when you are dedicated and interested towards studies. This is the only trick for schooling success.

How many secondry schools are in Nottingham?

Early Intervention City Programme Briefing The purpose of an Early Intervention approach is to work in partnership to improve outcomes for children, young people, adults and families who are very likely to experience difficulties and to break the intergenerational cycle of problems in the long-t ( Full Answer )

What school is the best school in the intire world?

Berriew primary school of course they have the best teachers ever, but the head teacher is leaving with the year sixes this year, everyone is very sad of course, the head teacher is catherine carter, she is the one who is going to leave

Which is the best IT school online?

Totally depends on what you're looking for! There are some great option out there though. From our reviews from students, it looks like the best reviewed schools for IT programs are Bryan and Stratton College as well as University of Phoenix. You can always check out Guide to Online Schools college ( Full Answer )

Why was Nottingham famous?

Nottingham was famous because robin hood lived there and robin hood is a legend. (legends are storeys that people have made up during years and nowone knows if they are true or not)

What is your best moment in high school?

My best moment in high school has been when i was getting a different girlfriend every week and a person i didn't even know came up to me and said "What is up with you? You have a different girlfriend everyday it seems." and my girlfriend at the time said "Well, im the best one." that's not even coo ( Full Answer )

Why you do your best in school?

Because you have to good grade and good work you do in class. Especially you are taking the test, You might passed the test or maybe not. THAT HOW YOU DO YOUR BEST IN SCHOOL EVERYDAY. And you will have a good educations in school.

Which is the best University for Law between Nottingham and Southampton?

Nottingham & Southampton are excellent universities; both in the "Russell Group" of major research led universities; both highly ranked (top 20), & deemed "competitive entry". Each has a strong Law Dept: Southampton is particularly good for commercial, maritime, & international law; Nottingham is ( Full Answer )

Which school is best?

The best school should be one with honor, school spirit, etc. The best school is the one that works best for an individual person. Since everyone is different, the best school for each person will be different. .

Which school is the best between boarding school and day school?

Boarding school is much more best option, having education at itsbest both academically and socially. All teachers are very highlyqualifeid and experinced. They are co-operative and cordial,inspite of being responsible to maintain discipline among allstudents. Child becomes independent and discpline ( Full Answer )

Which school is the best school in Pakistan?

For boys, the best school is Aitchison College, in Lahore. This school has one of the world's largest school campuses spread over 180 acres and provides an excellent mix of sports, extra curricular and academic facilities. For example, the school stables over 100 horses to expose children to equestr ( Full Answer )

Which secondary school are the best 20 schools?

Well first is of course Mossbourne Community Academy you want to know why and Mossbourne Community Academy is the best school in hackney even because they are strict, they have the best GCSE levels in maths and in english but mainly maths. You better go there because Mossbourne is the best! People s ( Full Answer )

What is the best school lockers for a high school?

"It depends on if you would like wooden or metal, tall or short. The best wooden lockers Jonti-Craft Five-Section Lockers with doors. Then the metal lockers are Morgan 3-Wide Double Tier Locker."

Is the marsh school the best school in methuen?

Yes the Marsh is a school filled with smart teachers and smart kids. If you have a child who is always saying they don't like their school, check the Marsh school last because as people say save the best for last.

Is sedgehill school the best school?

I went to sedgehill. I don't think any school is the best. it's all down the the student. some people in my year did bad because they didn't want to learn, others did amazing. It's down to the student. But Sedgehill is a fun place to be at the best of time. Alot of teachers or great their although t ( Full Answer )

What school is the best school in Cary?

I go to Mills Park Middle School, and I'm in 7th grade. I say that's a great school! The teachers are really nice and its fun to hangout with your friends, while learning fun things. So you can go to millsparkms.wcpss.net and see the website.

Who is Jacob Nottingham?

a major league baseball player for the Houston Astros. Drafter inthe 6th round of the 2013 draft

What are the best restaurants in Nottingham?

The Larder on Goosegate, Restaurant Sant Bains and Iberico World Tapas are supposedly the best restaurants in Nottingham. The best cheap eats in Nottingham are Goosegate Coffee Bar & Deli, Delilah Fine Foods and Jamcafe.