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How to learn at museums the first timeIf one has never visited a museum, one should follow this basic structure.

1. Make a plan. Using a map, look at the possible routes through the museum. Make sure to include most of the exhibits you want to see.

2. Distribute notepads and pens. Have students copy a sentence or 2 about the exhibits that catch their eye. You can all share answers back in the classroom.

3. It is NEVER too late for a lunch break! Make sure to visit shops and food areas to kep your students from nodding off!

4. During lunch, sit with the children and ask questions about the museum and take requests for places to visit next.

5. In the classroom, have students take out their notebooks or paper and call on children to read their explinations out loud. Write them on the blackboard, and ask that the students copy them. Once this is done, make a word wall of some kind regarding what you saw today and assign for the kids to look up different aspects of things they saw.

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Remember, a museum is also fun. Encourage talking about exhibits. Museums can be as fun as amusement parks. Always make bad mummy jokes at Egyptian exhibits, or any bad joke pertaining to the subject manner. And, if you can, get an offical or an expert to lecture the kids on the subject matter. Kids can pick up alot from a 10 minute lecture!

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Q: What is the best way for students who have never been to a a museum before view the exhibits productively?
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If a museum is a natural history it will have natural exhibits or if it a historical museum it will have objects from periods of history.

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Looking at the map.

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