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Paralyze or get them to sleep. Then use: False Swipe (the Pokemon who use it must at least be at lv.67, on Regirock lv.70) to get the HP down to 1.

AlsoPlease take your time to visit AnswerYou can get the Regis all of them in sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Once you have all regis, you can go in the bottom of snowpoint temple in Pokemon diamond or pearl and catch regigigas at level 70. Trust me, regigigas is so worth it. He has low defence and a bad ability, but his attack can go to very high levels.

make them fall asleep, its the easiest way


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Q: What is the best way to catch the Regis in Pokemon?
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What is the best way to catch shiny Pokemon?

The best way to catch a shiny Pokemon is by lowering it's HP and then catching it with an appropriate PokeBall.

What is the best way to catch Pokemon?

with a net and they are not real

What is the best way to fill up your pokedex?

catch Pokemon

How do you catch zekron in pokemon white version?

Zekrom, and the best way to catch it is to keep your master ball and catch it that way, cause that's how I did it.

Best way to catch molltres in Pokemon platinum?

Throw a masterball at it.

What is the best way to catch lugi in Pokemon crystal?

use a masterball.

Best way to catch Pokemon?

Use quick balls before you attack or weaken the pokemon.

What is the best way to catch lugia in Pokemon heart gold?

the best way is a master ball or a net ball when it is at 1HP

What is the best way to catch a Pokemon in the Pastoria great marsh?

throw mud at it

What is the best way to catch legendaries on Pokemon platinum?

the best way to GET legendaries is by action replay. and the best way to CATCH legendaries is lowering there hp and catching them. or choosing the right pokeball:masterball,ultaball,repeatball,greatball,and pokeball.

Best way to catch Suicune in Pokemon leaf green?

Use a master ball.

What is easiest way to catch a shiny Pokemon?

The same way you would catch a normal Pokemon. The only difference is is that the Pokemon is shiny.

What is the best way to catch the lake guardians in platinum?

The best way is to try and use a Pokemon with a status effector then just throw ultras at them.

Can you get the regis in Pokemon emerald?

Yes. You get them the same way as in R/S.

Best way to catch kyogre in Pokemon heartgold?

Use a Net Ball or Master Ball.

Best way to catch registeel?

use wailord lv. 44 use water pulse until regis health is in red then start using ultra balls heal with hyper potions when needed works with all regis

What rod do you need to catch Poliwhirl and what is the best way to do it in Pokemon Blue?

Use Good or Super Rod and you can catch it at route 9 or 10

How do you catch regis in Pokemon emerald?

Regirock:desert east of Lavaridge, in the southern part of the desert. Regice:cave north-west of Dewford. Registeel:cave all the way west from the Safari-Zone,at the steps,go all the way north.

Can you catch regigigas on Pokemon platinum?

First you need all the regis,regiice regirock and registeel, you can get them from a friend then get them on your team make your way to the last floor of snowpoint temple regigigas will be there. BY THE WAY HE IS LEVEL ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. hope this helps :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the best way to catch Mew in Pokemon Ranger?

The best way to catch Mew is to catch the two Shedninjas on top of the mountain. Mew is vulnerable to Ghost-type PokeAssists. Use those and couple it with a Fighting-type PokeAssist for a good chance of capture.

What is the best way to catch a tarous on Pokemon firered?

in the safari zone, but it might take a while to find one, and they're quite tricky to catch

How to catch the regis in emerald?

With a masterball. That is the only way you can catch it. **the only way is to lure him using pikachu..he loves to eat pikachus *yuuumm* Actually you have to be more specific? which Regi? and there are several hundred million Pokemon guides in the internet already. Just Google for them. ** YAhoo is better BTW :P

How do you catch persons Pokemon in diamond?

You can't catch anyone's Pokemon in any one of the Pokemon games made. The onlyway is to catch them on your own or to use cheats.

What is the best pokeball to use to catch Articono in Pokemon heart gold?

A Master ball is the best pokeball in the history of Pokemon. You may not have 900 masterballs like i do, but if you purchase an action replay which they sell at target for $20, it comes with a cheat to get all pokeballs x 900. that is the best way to catch every Pokemon there is.

How do you fight every legendary Pokemon in pearl?

well you can catch dialga in diamond and you can catch palkia inpearl at spear pillar the only way to catch regigas is to catch the other regis you can catch them in plautim you can catch heatran at stark mountain you have to go there to times azulef mespirt and uxie are tough catch cresslia some where you have to get that marking map to get mespirt and cressila. Good luck. cheater