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What is the best way to correct the speedometer on a 2000 Ford F-150?

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dealer has to program tire size into module

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How do you fix backdoor lock on 2000 f150 ford?

How do you fix the cable in side of the back doors of a 2000 ford f150

Where is the cylinder head temperature sensor on a 2001 Ford Mustang?

where is the CHT sensor on a 2000 ford F150 where is the CHT sensor on a 2000 ford F150

Where is the orifice tube on a 2000 ford f150 with a 4.2l?

Orifice tube on f150 with 4.2

Where does the speedometer cable go on a ford f150 86?

It goes from you speedometer down you engine bay to the transfer case (if that's a 4X4) or into your transmission (4X2)

How to turnoff Reset butter for Service Engine Soon light 2000 F150 ford?

2000 F150 Harley-Davidson

Location of blower resistor in 2000 ford f150?

The location of the blower resister in a 2000 ford f150 is under the dash. It is mounted up behind the glove box.

Location of oil sending switch on 2000 Ford F150?

I am looking for the location of the oil sending switch on a 2000 F150, or where I can see a diagram or picture of it. Thank You

Is there a fuse to the speedometer sensor on a 2000 ford mercury villager?

The speedometer is part of the instrument cluster, and is fused with the other instruments.

Can a radio from a 2001 ford windstar work in a 2000 Ford f150?

i dont know ask your mummy.

How do you fix P1504 code on99 ford f150?

2000 ford lightning. P1540,po171.po174

Where is the fuel filter on a 2000 ford f150?

on the frame under the driver's door

Are the wheels on 2000 Ford F-150 the same as 2005 Ford F-150?

No, the 2000 f150 used a 5 lug wheel while the 2005 f150 switched to a 6 lug pattern.

Fuse box diagram for 2000 F150?

The fuse box diagram for a 2000 Ford F150 truck can be found in the service manual. It outlines where each fuse is located and its capacity.

How do you install a speedometer cable on 1995 Ford F 150 V-6?

how do i install a speed domotor cable on a 1995 f150

How much hp for a 2000 ford f150 4.6 Triton v8?

The 2000 Ford F-150 4.6L Triton V8 has 220 horse power

Is the Bolt 219 W correct for the 1989 Ford F-150?

No, the bolt 219 W is not the correct size bolt for the 1989 Ford F150. The bolt pattern for that make/model of vehicle is 5.5 x 5 lug. The F150 is one of the larger trucks that Ford manufactures.

Will 98 expedition 4.6 work in a 2000 ford f150 4x4?

If the 2000 F150 has a 4.6...yes. If not, you're looking at changing engine mounts, computer, wiring...and many other items.

Where is the Fuel reset button 2002 ford explorer?

i have a 2000 xls and the reset is above the speedometer

Where is the exact location of the fuel pump on a 2000 Ford f150?

Most likely in the fuel tank

What type of brake fluid does 2000 ford f150 need?

DOT ( 3 ) brake fluid

Will a 2000 Ford F150 flairside bed fit a 1993 F150 flairside truck?

As long as the hole match and the bed size are the same I don't see why not.

Where can you get a gear shifter fork plate for 96 ford f150?

will a gear shifter fork plate on 89 ford f150 work on 96 ford f150

Where is the oil filter on a 2000 Ford F150?

front of the vehicle drivers side above the front axle

Where is the spark plugs on a 2000 ford f150?

i know if you have the 5.4L V8 you will have coil packs. not spark plugs

Anti-theft reset 2000 ford f150?

This cannot be done without the use of the Ford diagnostic software. You will have to take your vehicle to a Ford dealership to have this performed.