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you do the lady push ups, with your knees on the floor

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What is the best way to work out biceps?

push ups an press ups

What is the best way to gain upper body muscle without the use of weights?

Push ups and pull ups.

What is the best way to make your chest stronger?

push ups usally help

Is there an easier way to do push ups?

depends if your male or female, female push ups are already relativly easy, but if your male give the females push ups a try :)

What is the best way to get stronger with out weights?

doing push-ups; using your own body as the weights

What is best approach to the bench press?

push ups and pull ups

What is the best exercise for your arms?

Easier= Push ups. Harder= Chin ups.

How do you gain upper body strength?

Push ups, pull ups and bench work outs are the best way to gain upper body strenght/muscle

Do push-ups help develop pecs?

Yes, in fact, this is the #1 best way to train pecks.

What do push ups do for you?

There are many different kinds of push ups. The push ups range from beginner to expert. Push ups can workout different parts of your body depending on what kinds of push ups you do.

What is the best exercise for your upper body?


How do you best shape your chest?

The best way too shaping your chest is to run,lift light weights in burn out sets and push-ups

What is the best way to train for USMC recon?

run,run,run,run..... lots of physical tranning ie. situps,push ups,pull ups, run

Best way to get a bigger chest?

do push ups 3 times a week over load ever 2 weeks

What is the Differences between guy push ups and girl push ups?

Guys do push ups with their bodies outstretched, their toes on the ground and their hands flat on the ground. Sometimes girls start doing push ups with their knees on the ground. Actually, girls do push ups either way. Whether or not they use one technique or the other depends on their background in physical exercise.

What the best exercise to do at the gym in the morning?

running or push ups

What is the proper name for doing push ups?

The proper way for doing push ups is to keep your feet together, and to raise yourself using the arms.

What would be the best workout for a 15 year old?

sit-ups, jumping jacks, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.....

What's the best way to build up your triceps?

Pushdowns, seated extensions, and even floor push-ups work your triceps.

Do push ups help with arm toning?

Push ups will help with upper back, pecs, shoulders, and tricep. They are absolutely a good way to tone your arms.

Does your pulse rate increase more in sit-ups or push ups?

push ups.

How easy is push ups?

A push up is a way of strengthen your upper body as you us your arm and hands.

What is a good way to gauge the muscular endurance?

push-ups can help

How can you make your arms stronger?

you can do exercises like push ups or pull ups. or the traditional way lifting weights

What does push ups help you out with?

Push ups help you with your muscle indurance