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Normal Development and 'Readiness'

He will stop when he is ready. Help him learn to calm down when he is nervous or unhappy and eventually he won't need his thumb. Keep him active and using his hands, you can play Baseball, fingerpaint, bake cookies or anything else really fun while sucking your thumb. Turn off the tv and send him outside. If he still sucks his thumb when tired or sleeping that will eventually stop.

Binky's or Pacifiers

Do you give them a binky to suck on instead? That might help.

My sister's children, ages 3.5 and 5, still use their binkys. She has tried to take them away, but the kids just start sucking their thumbs, instead. The pediatrician recommended that she poke pin holes in each binky, so the kids lose suction when they use them. This way, supposedly, they will lose interest in sucking altogether when they are not getting the expected reward/sensation. The idea is that they feel they are still in control, but don't get as much pleasure out of it and will eventually stop.

Using a binky is okay when the child is still young, but be careful if the kids are older because it can cause dental problems. We've taken to encouraging the older young child to use their blankets instead to comfort themselves when tired or upset, since these can be taken away and don't cause dental problems!

Adversive edible liquid or pastes

You can apply some edible liquid that is bitter in taste, to his thumb. You can also use the cruse extract of Aolevera plant.but please see to it that it should be edible material -- do not use anything else.


If you find something non toxic that tastes bad and let it dry on their fingers, they will keep it out of their mouth. Vinegar is good or a mild pepper sauce or such. They do make a non-toxic substance called "bitter apple" that you can rub onto his thumb while he sleeps. (or to keep your cat from chewing through wires!) Ask around your neighborhood and local stores to see where it is carried.

My 4 year old daughter still sucks her thumb & if I was to put anything on her thumb she'll just wash it off while I'm not looking.

I sucked my thumb until i was 10 and every time my mom put any nasty taste on my thumb i washed it off or sucked it off.

Avoid products with alcohol !

Most mouthwashes contain some alcohol. These should not be used with children.

Ways to stop Thumb Sucking:

Try A Reward System

'Reminder Liquid' Idea

Do Not Try Negative Reinforcement

Weaken the Habit by engaging him in different play activities

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Q: What is the best way to get a three year old boy to stop sucking his thumb?
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How to stop sucking your thumb at 10?

A person can stop sucking their thumb at the age of 10 by using a product called Thum. The product should be painted on the tip of the thumb and will cause a displeasing in the mouth.

How do you stop an adult man from sucking his thumb?

Get him to suck something else...

What age should kids stop sucking their thumb?

There is no real age for a child to stop sucking there thumb, but most people belive it to be 7 years of age, i myself being 15 sometimes catch myself sucking my thumb subcontiously, so you never know when they might stop. u can stop at any age i am 12 and still doin it i wish i could stop but it becomes a habit

How do you stop thumbsucking in toddlers?

tell them to stop everytime you see them sucking their thumb. i had the same problem my mom had to yell at me to stop

How can an adult stop sucking their thumb?

cut it off. retards shouldnt be doing that anyway.

How can you stop someone from sucking their thumb?

Chew on something else like a pen top.

How do you stop children from thumb sucking?

Hi, I've been sucking my thumb since I was born and I'm now 13. I know right, wow. I realised that I've been invited to more events as becoming a teenager and some of them are sleepovers. Now, don't get me wrong - but being caught sucking your thumb at a sleepover could make people think differently of you. Its not wrong to suck your thumb but there are side affects when sucking your thumb. So its best to stop. What are these side affects? 1. Smelly Breath 2. Buck teeth like a rabbit 3. Yellow teeth ( This can be fixed ) How do I stop sucking my thumb? - (Win the war against thumbs) Day 1: Gradually stop sucking your thumb during the day. If you find this hard get a Thumb Stopper at your nearest Dentist or Pharmacy. I didn't have to use one though Day 2: Your brains just getting used to the fact that its time to stop sucking your thumb and even when you try not to you accidentally slip it in. But dont worry. It'll stop after a while. Day 3: Oh boy, this is hardest. You may have lacking some sleep without trying to suck you thumb. But before you know it you've stopped Thats what happened to me in the war agaist no thumbs^^^^ Hope this has helped

How to stop thumb sucking toddlers?

Paint thumb nail with no-bite nail polish (used to keep one from biting nails).

Is mavala stop used to stop tongue sucking?

No, Mavala Stop is to prevent nail biting and thumb or finger sucking. It has a bitter taste and when applied to fingers reminds the user to keep their fingers out of their mouth.

How can you stop sucking your thumb while you sleep?


How do you not suck your thumb?

Sucking of the thumb is a bad habit that cant be stopped easily. Wrap paper tape on your thumb if it there you wontwon't want to suck it. Do this for some months. The habit should stop.

What age should people stop sucking their thumb?

If a child has several baby teeth than it is probably a good idea for them to stop. Sucking their thumb at this age can cause tooth problems such as bent teeth. Many dentists reccommend that if a child is eating solid foods on their own, they should stop sucking on their thumbs to prevent such problems that can sometimes cause a need for braces later in life.

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