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O/K well here is my question how do you know you have water in you fuel tank?is you veh fuel injected or carburated? electric fuel pump or mechanical?year of veh?to the best of my knowlege the only true way to remove high amount of moisture out of gas tanks is to removed the tank it self and drain out fuel ,..if low amount of water are seen with little problems some times adding a full 16once bottle of rubbing alcohol it help water to evaporate ,..but in all means the best way to take care of the problem is to removed the gas tank and drain fully,..

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โˆ™ 2010-01-05 05:34:05
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Q: What is the best way to get rid of water from your gas tank?
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Is there anything you can put in your boat gas tank to get rid of water residue?

in cars you can put metho to get rid of water

Antifreeze in gas tank?

I doubt it. I think you have water in your tank because it's no way how antifreeze can go in your tank unless you puuted it there. So if you have water in your tank, just buy stuff which is called dry gas. And everytime when you fill your tank add required quantity. To get rid of water in your tank you will need to do that at least 3 times, it depends on how much of water you have.

How do you safey get rid of algae in your red eyed sliders tank?

sucker fish only if it is in a water tank with water in it

How do you get rid of green fish tank water?

you should probably clean the tank more often and/or get a bigger tank

How can you stop fish tank water from turning green?

clean the water or get Rid of the fish.

How do you get rid of old gas in gas tank?

syphon it out into a gas can.ANS 2 - in many vehicles you can't siphon it all. In this case, if the pump is in the tank, disconnect the fuel filter IN line and pump it into a bucket.

How do you get rid of a smell in a fish tank?

If you haven't cleaned your fish tank recently, do so. That should work. If not then change the water or get a water filter.

How do you get rid of gas in a 3 month old?

You can get rid of gas in a 3 month old by simply giving the baby plain warm water or rubbing his/her tummy in a circular patern.You get rid of gas in a 3 month old by using gripe water or giving the baby plain warm water.

How do you get rid of gas in the oil tank?

Drain the oil and take it to your local hazardous waste disposal facility.

Will stp clean out water in a gas tank?

Stp does not really do enough to clean water out of a gastank, despite what you have been told. If you have water in the tank, you have a problem already. I don't rec. doing this, but 1 way to rid yourself of the water in the tank as a temporary fix would be straight out of bullrun. put a hole in the bottom of the tank, and drive until the car shuts off from no fuel, then plug the hole and refill. not sure how well this would work.

How can you get rid of gas?

with my experience the best way to get rid of gas naturally is to drink mint tea. any kind of mint tea will do, from peppermint tea to hot water with a few drops of mint extract., heck, you could probably soak a couple mint leaves in boiling water and drink it when it cools down. that is what has worked best for me, even better than gas-x or other medicines. !

What happens if water gets in your lawn mower gas tank?

Remove the Water from Gas Tank: Depending on how much water got into the tank you can use a product like HEET that is sold in the automotive section of most stores that helps remove water from fuel. If there was a large amount of water the best way to remove it is to unhook the gas line where it goes into the engine and let it drain out. I would suggest putting a additive like HEET in with the gas after you do this to help get rid of any left over water. A newer additive, Dave Liles Ethanol Fuel additive is an ethanol prodcut that might be better at absobing water than an isopropyl alcohol product like HEET. The Liles Ethonal is at Lowe's and other places. Depending on your location, some States sell reformulated gas which contains up to 10% ethanol. Using an alcohol based additive will increase the alcohol content and could damage your engine. It is best to drain the tank and refill with fresh gas, preferably treated with a fuel stabilizer, such as a Briggs brand.

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