What is the best way to kill mosquito's?

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2017-06-29 13:27:31

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Apart from killing them one by one when they land on you, here's a better idea:

Give them a medium such as a water supply in which to reproduce. When the eggs hatch, pour the water out.

I also use a spray bottle filled with about 25% soap solution with water to kill the adults. It makes their wings stick to their bodies and makes them unable to fly.

  1. Well you could drown them
  2. hit them with your hand
  3. crush them
  4. don't kill them just put bug spray on
  5. if you have a pet spider you can feed the spider the mosquito

That's all i could think of and i hope this helps you

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Elinor Murray

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2021-10-16 02:43:28
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2012-05-28 15:05:33

Remove their breeding habitat. Eliminate standing water. (old tires, unused Swimming Pools, buckets left setting outside, etc)

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Q: What is the best way to kill mosquito's?
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