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Best way to learn Spanish
  • In my experience, immersion is the best way to learn, with a little help from grammar practice and dictionaries.
  • I worked in a restaurant with a lot of Mexican employees, who were more than happy to practice Spanish with me (so long as I returned the favor by practicing English with them!). I found this more effective than the twice weekly Spanish class at my university, because it forced me to practice in an unscripted situation.
  • 1. Watch the news in Spanish. This is a good exercise because you will always have a context. Watch the film as you listen to the story. 2. Watch Spanish-language films. You can read the subtitles and listen at the same time. 3. Eavesdrop. When you hear people speaking in Spanish try to understand what they are saying to each other. 4. Be fearless. When you are in a setting in which you can use your Spanish just do it. Most Spanish-speakers are glad to help and happy you are trying. 5. Look for things written in Spanish in your home (e.g. instructions for appliances) and see how much you understand. This is a good way to learn new vocabulary. 6. Be patient and take your time and don't expect to be perfect straight away. Learning a new language should be attempted in small, manageable steps. Congratulate yourself on progress made and try to steer clear of making unrealistic targets. 7. Organize your work and yourself. We have all heard this before but it's probably the most important aspect of learning a language. There are almost too many useful resources out there and there is a real danger you get overloaded with paper, notes, books and go round in circles. After every lesson make sure you review everything you learn and understand it. Then do it again. Afterwords, organize everything in a way that you understand. There is nothing more frustrating than consistently searching for the vital piece of information in amongst hundreds of sheets of paper.
  • The Rosetta Stone is in my opinion the best way to learn a foreign language short of actually going to the country itself. In some communities, the public library has a subscription, thus making it free to library members. If you have the time and the money to study abroad you should really consider one of the hundreds of language schools around the world for a Spanish Immersion course. Good resources include Transitions abroad and Via Spanish.

Answer When I was learning, I used everything available to me in order to immerse myself. Here is everything that helped me. 1. Online forums Have you ever participated in a forum before? If you do not have and you want to learn Spanish, now is the time to join one. There are plenty of forums on the web dedicated to helping people learn Spanish. Once you find a forum you like, you usually have to register before you can interact with other members. All you need is a name and email address functional. Then you can browse the comments of other participants and add their own. You will find that this interactive environment will help you make key Spanish phrases pretty quickly. Remember, the forums will help you learn to written Spanish, but since you can not actually hear the words being spoken will not do much to hold oral tongue. 2. Online Videos The Google video, YouTube, Yahoo video ... there is more to them than entertainment value. The video sites are online knowledge banks can help in your quest to learn Spanish quickly. These sites contain many videos that are mini courses Spanish. You can actually see and hear speaking Spanish people. And some of the videos offer a more extensive training, usually for a fee, of course. You will quickly learn to pronounce the key phrases of Spanish that way. 3. Online translation There are services on the Web (like Google) where you can translate English to Spanish. The sentences, paragraphs and even entire Web pages can be translated using these services. And for free. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn Spanish translating the English text in Spanish. Of course, this applies only to written Spanish, and translation is not considered high quality. 4. Learning from another person, one on one, it's a great way to learn any language. 5. Online Newsletters Sure ... all e-newsletters contain sales pitches, but the good ones are more content than the ad. And you can learn a surprising amount of it written Spanish. They are definitely a source to be considered. 6. Web site Websites often provide free lessons in Spanish, oral and written. Often have entire courses available on the site covering various topics such as time, facilities or medicine. Of course, you will probably have to pay to get in-depth education. 7. Ebooks Download and read. Here are the small Spanish courses in digital format that will help you pick up pretty quickly written Spanish. They vary in length and intensity. Some focus on the most common phrases while others cover the entire Spanish language. Some of them are free and some you have to pay. Some even come with audio files so you can hear the words and phrases that are spoken. 8. Audio Downloads A great way to take oral Spanish. These downloads can keep you talking about the most common phrases quickly. The big advantage is that you can hear the words that are spoken. But keep in mind the most audio downloads are not free. 9. Blogs Not quite as interactive as forums, but still quite handy to pick up written Spanish for free. And while the bloggers are adding fresh content, you will have the opportunity to learn regularly - at your own pace. 10. Courses The best is saved for last. Internet courses available covering written and spoken Spanish. They usually include ebooks, audio files and interactive games all in one package to help you learn Spanish quickly. You can not totally dominate the language using an online course, but you sure will take many useful phrases that you can use the next time you want to converse in Spanish.

Why not learn Spanish online? There are a few ways you can do that. There are plenty youtube videos that teach Spanish pretty much about everything. There's a siter called spanishlanguageonline.com and it has taken the best youtube videos that teach Spanish and put them all in one place for you so you don't have to go searching.

But what I think is the best way is taking online Spanish classes. It's the easiest thing ever, since you can do it wherever and whenever with an actual teacher. I recommend webspanish.com, you should try it out.

For me, taking online Spanish courses was by far the most effective method. I noticed my vocabulary and retention improve much faster compared to reading books. I have tried a few different online Spanish programs and I found spanishexito.com to be the best. The dialogues were easy and fun for me to follow. That would be my recommendation.

Another way to learn any language is to stay 'au pair' for a year. The best time to arrive is just before local colleges start for the year, i.e. arrive in August for the autumn term and enrol for a part-time course. Remember that in Spain, however, only in certain areas is Castilian the main language.
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Best way to learn spanish?

The best way to learn Spanish is to speak with a native speaker. Full immersion is the number 1 way to learn a language well. it will teach you how to effectively communicate, and it is the fastest strategy out there. The CIA, Fortune 500 companies, even missionaries use this technique. Rosseta S ( Full Answer )

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You are best to learn a language from someone who speaks it fluently, so attending language classes is the best option for most people.. Go to a Spanish-speaking country if you can and spend a decent amount of time (6 mos. or more) there if you want to be fluent. Also you can go to Spain or Mexico ( Full Answer )

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It is called smarterGerman. >> Sorry, but the answer providedbefore was very weak and I do not find the time to write an essayat the moment. If I find out how to delete this I will do asap.Have a good day.

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The best way to learn Spanish through the internet is by way ofwebsites -- such as cafespeak and livemocha -- that specialize inconnecting learners with native speakers. Native speakers teacheffective communication and fluent speech in the shortest amount oftime. Rosetta Stone gives learners special ( Full Answer )

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The best way to learn a language on line is to chat one on one with a native speaker. There are a few websites out there that allow you to chat through Skype. Cafespeak allows you to chat with either a native speaker or a tutor in your native language. They also offer a free trial. I would just keep ( Full Answer )

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The best software to learn Spanish will be the one that suits the way you like to learn. As they all have different methods I would recommend you take advantage of the Free trials or lessons that most of the online providers provide. Happy hunting :)

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The street It depends on your linguistic capability, familiarity with other languages, where you come from (nationality), what you want to use Spanish for, your existing level of knowledge of Spanish, etc. ('The street' is OK if you have some facility, a quick ear, and are ready to be confused a lo ( Full Answer )

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Watching video tutorials allow an individual to follow another's actions while completing them themselves. Learning through imitation is very useful. Also, they can be paused and rewinded if any critical information is missed.

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If one is interested in learning Norwegian, there are a number of ways to do so. There are apps available on the Apple App Store for learning Norwegian. One can also find language packages on Amazon.