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The best way for a man to lose inches on his stomach is for him to engage in physical activity. He should also make an adjustment to his diet.

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What are the release dates for Charles in Charge - 1984 May the Best Man Lose 3-25?

Charles in Charge - 1984 May the Best Man Lose 3-25 was released on: USA: 12 November 1988

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Why a woman should never MOVE IN with a man?

familiarity breeds contempt, and the best way to lose a friend is by living with them

How man inches in a meter?

There are about 39 inches in a meter.

Who wins win out of super man and hulk?

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A woman tells a man he is her best friend?

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How man inches in 190mm?

190 millimeters=7.48031496 inches

How man inches are in a foot?

There are 12 empirical inches to a foot.

How man inches is 19 millimeters?

19mm is 0.748031 inches.

How man inches is 7.4 cm?

7.4 centimeters = about 3 inches. (2.91338583 inches).

How many calories should you eat to lose weight if you are a man of five feet eleven inches and weigh 200 pounds?

It depends on how many you are burning. Are you exercising or sitting on the couch?

How man feet does 29 inches equal?

29 inches is 2 feet 5 inches.

How man inches in 7 centimeters?

7 centimetres = 2.76 inches

How man millimeters are in 104 inches?

104 inches = 2,641.6 millimetres

How man feet in 116 inches?

116 inches is 9.67 feet.

How man cm is 46 inches?

46 inches = 116.84 cm.

How man inches in 1.5 meters?

1.5 meters is 59.05 inches.

What is the average hand span of a man?

The average hand span of a man is 3.5 inches across and 7.6 inches in length.

How many inches long was the bomb?

Little Boy was 120 inches. Fat Man was 128 inches.

How man inches equals 12 cm?

4.7 (4.72441) inches. (Multiply centimeters by 0.393701 to get inches).

What is the average head size for a man?

XS - 21/21.5 inches S - 22/22.5 inches M - 23/23.5 inches L - 24/24.5 inches XL - 25/25.5 inches The average head size for a man is 23/24 inches.

Does the best man have to be single?

Absolutely not. Your best man is your best man no matter what his status.

Don't Lose your Cool?

Don't lose your cool, man. You're a gentleman, remember!

What is average height of a man?

69.2 inches 5 feet 9.2 inches

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