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by not having sex....

AnswerAbstinence! AnswerYou must use a condom.anyone who says the best way is to NOT have sex at all is absolutley INSANEi cant imagine how much you must be thinking of a way to prevent pregnancy because you are obviously ready to have do not tell someone who is PREPARING them selves to have sex that the best way is to not have it at all.i am pretty sure he/she isn't stupid and realised their whole life they didnt have sex that they werent pregnant!!SO since you are asking the question, which is the best way to prevent pregnancy, ASSUMING this is because you WANT to have sex (i am not going to tell you to not have sex because you are probably smart enough to figure that out) use a condom + go on the pill!!

Birth Control, condoms, and abstinece.

condoms and birth control. there should be a planned parenthood near you where you can get free birth control without your parents knowing.

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Can condoms prevent pregnancy?

Yes, condoms are one of the most used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. In addition to protecting against pregnancy, they can protect against sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms are absolutely the best way to prevent pregnancy.

What is the best way to prevent pregnancy without using a condom?

There really is no best way or maybe no way at all besides wearing a condom.

Is the condom the best way for prevent pregnancy?

A condom is one way to prevent pregnancy. Another is the birth control pill. Foams and diaphrams are also available. Of all the available methods abstinence is the only 100% effective measure against pregnancy.

Can a condom kill sperm cells that's already in a girl?

Condoms don't prevent pregnancy by killing sperm, they prevent pregnancy by capturing sperm cells when the man ejaculates. Once a man ejaculates in a woman's vagina without a condom there is nothing a condom can retroactively do to prevent pregnancy. Best to put on a condom before intercourse. If you have ejaculated in a woman the best way to prevent pregnancy is the "morning after pill". It's a dose of hormones that can prevent ovulation.

Can you prevent pregnancy by showering afterwards?

Absolutely not ! The ONLY sure-fire way to prevent pregnancy - is to use a condom and/or the pill !

What is the best thing to take to prevent pregnancy?

a condom

Can cats prevent pregnancy?

The only way to prevent pregnancy in cats is to spay them. This also stops the very stressful heat cycles.

How do you prevent pregnancy during intercourse without using contraceptive?

The only way to prevent pregnancy without contraception is by abstaining from sexual intercourse. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent pregnancy from occurring with 100% accuracy unless you use contraception every time you have intercourse.

Why is it best to have protected sex?

To prevent unplanned pregnancy and also to prevent sexual diseases!!!!

Can ampiclox prevent pregnancy?

Antibiotics does in no way prevent pregnancy. If you are on the pill it can negate the effect of the pill so when you are on antibiotics you should always use a condom as well or some other way of contraception.

Can marijuana prevent pregnancy?

no it can't prevent pregnancy

How to prevent pregnancy by eating some food at home?

There's no way to prevent pregnancy by eating anything. OK,it is possible if you have a glass of water...instead of sex ;)

Does Depo-Provera prevent STDs and pregnancy?

Depo-prova is a form of contraception used to prevent pregnancy. However, it does not prevent STI in any way. As such, to prevent the transmission of infections, it should still be paired with condoms.

Can you prevent pregnancy in any way other than contraception?


What can be done against an unwanted pregnancy?

The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is to use birth control such as the contraceptive pill and or condoms. If you find yourself pregnant unexpectedly and are not ready to become a mother, it may be possible to abort the pregnancy.

Can bv prevent pregnancy?

BV won't prevent pregnancy.

Vitamins to prevent pregnancy?

Vitamins don't prevent pregnancy.

Does female ejaculation prevent pregnancy?

No, orgasm does not prevent pregnancy.

What is the most popular way to prevent pregnancy?

The most popular way to prevent pregnancy are birth control, condoms and to just not have sexual intercourse. It is recommended to still use condoms while using birth control.

What is the best pills brand name to prevent pregnancy?

There is no one best, most effective birth control pill. All of them are about equal in preventing pregnancy.

Does the bipolar drug lithium prevent pregnancy?

Lithium does NOT prevent pregnancy.

Is softdrinks can prevent pregnancy if taken after sex?

No, softdrinks can not prevent pregnancy

What methods are available to prevent pregnancy?

There are a variety of things that can prevent pregnancy. Abstinence is always the best method to prevent pregnancy but other options include birth control methods such as condoms and birth control pills. There are also surgical options such as tubal ligations or vasectomies.

How do you avoid from getting pregnant in traditional way?

The traditional way of getting pregnant is by having intercourse - so the best way to avoid this is by refraining from any sexual relations. It is the only 100% guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy.

Is washing your hair the best way to prevent head lice?

No using hair treatment is the best way to prevent lice.