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What is the best way to prevent pregnancy?



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by not having sex....




You must use a condom.anyone who says the best way is to NOT have sex at all is absolutley INSANEi cant imagine how much you must be thinking of a way to prevent pregnancy because you are obviously ready to have do not tell someone who is PREPARING them selves to have sex that the best way is to not have it at all.i am pretty sure he/she isn't stupid and realised their whole life they didnt have sex that they werent pregnant!!SO since you are asking the question, which is the best way to prevent pregnancy, ASSUMING this is because you WANT to have sex (i am not going to tell you to not have sex because you are probably smart enough to figure that out) use a condom + go on the pill!!

Birth control, condoms, and abstinece.

condoms and birth control. there should be a planned parenthood near you where you can get free birth control without your parents knowing.