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You can find authoritative answers to your question at The Library of Congress Preservation Web site.

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Q: What is the best way to store old paper items such as recipes newspaper clippings journals etc?
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What is the collective noun for clippings?

There is no specific collective noun for clippings, in which case a noun suitable for the situation is used, for example a collection of clippings, an album of clippings (printed items), a bag of clippings (yard debris), etc.

What is the definition of print materials?

Print materials are printed items such as newsletters, flyers, pamphlets, books, magazines, journals, and newspaper. Non-print materials refer to the aforementioned electronic versions.

What are 5 items that can biodegrade fast?

paper, grass clippings, milk, meat, skin

Offers on coupons for groceries?

If you would like to lighten your grocery bill it is suggested to search your Sunday newspaper for coupons and clippings. You may also find grocery coupons online and they can be used in your local supermarket and applied to your items.

Is an old scrap book full of old newspaper clippings and pictures of some of the greatest baseball players in history worth anything?

Probably not. You might take it to a sports memorabilia dealer and see what he says, but I wouldn't expect much unless among the clippings there are other items like ticket stubs, baseball cards, autographs etc.

What is a vertical file?

Vertical files provide valuable, accessible information. Librarians keep vertical files updated as information on a variety of topics arrives. Photos, articles and newspaper clippings are all items that can be found in vertical files.

What items are made from recycled items?

Newspaper,cardboard cupholder,cardboard

Where could one purchase blank journals?

You can purchase blank journals from the Barnes & Noble website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these items online from retailers such as Amazon.

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What documents are illegal to photocopy?

Copyrighted books, journals, magazines, speeches, and many other items are illegal to photocopy. These items have a copyright and copying them can incur severe penalties.

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