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You would need four components.

1. A mini dv player. The camera will work as long as it has an output cable to plug into the computer with.

2. A capture card on the computer. A capture card is different from a regular video card in where you can send images out and you can read them in as well.

3. A video editing software. Most capture cards come with some form of program that will record images fed into the capture card, but not a lot of them have many options. As long as you can save the movie into a mpeg format then you are ok.

4. A DVD burner. Again most DVD burners come with burning software, but any burning software, such as roxio, will work as long as you have a DVD burner.

You will also need to have a relativly powerfull computer because you capture miniDV video in real-time as it plays on your camcorder. If your CPU can't keep up with the video capture then audio and video frames will be dropped. Be sure to choose a software that allows you to customize the capture profile. I like to use StashSpace.Com's free video capture software StashBox because it automatically chooses the best quality profile based on your computer abilities.

For a great guide on captuing miniDV home videos check out:

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Q: What is the best way to transfer your mini dv home videos to a DVD via your PC?
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