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the biggest is the dollar coin and like its name it's worth a dollar

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Q: What is the biggest coin in the US and its worth?
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How much is a United Arab Emirates coin worth in the US?

How much is a united states emirate coin worth in US

What is a 100.00 gold Mexican coin worth in us dollars?

Also called Centenario, that coin is worth US$1,265.43

What is a 100yen coin worth in us money?

A modern 100 Yen coin is worth about $1.10

What is the first us coin made?

The penny coin which was worth a cent

How much is a 1901 Magyar 2 cent coin worth?

How much a 1901 Magyar 2 cent coin is worth depends on the condition of the coin. In average circulated condition, such a coin is worth 1 US dollar. In fully uncirculated condition, this coin is worth 5 US dollars.

500 Mexican coin from 1987 worth in us?

1987 mexico 500$ coin worth today usa

What is your Coin XX US President James a Garfield worth?

Coin XX US President James a Garfield is worth more than $12.45.

What is a 1975 helvetica 20 coin worth?

What you have is a Swiss 20 Rappen coin, it is worth about 20 cents US in the exchange rate from the Swiss Franc to US dollar. It is a common coin and is only worth face value.

How much is a 5 kroner coin worth in US?

The Danish 5 Kroner coin is worth $0.97. The Norwegian 5kr is worth $0.88.

What is the worth of an US 1895 coin?

Give a denomination!

Is A Six Pence Coin A Dime?

No. Sixpence is a British Commonwealth coin and is worth six Pennies. A Dime is a US coin and worth 10 cents.

What is the value of a 1901 French 10 centimes coin?

It is projected that a worn French 10 centimes coin made before 1911 is worth one US dollar. An average circulated French 10 centimes coin is worth five US dollars. A well preserved French 10 centimes coin is worth 15 US dollars and a fully uncirculated coin can be worth 50 US dollars.

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