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Q: What is the blood alcohol content of 3 doses of NyQuil?
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Can NyQuil make you fail a drug test?

in high doses it can for alcohol, but not for anything else

Can you take NyQuil with Prednisone?

To date there are no significant interactions when taking Prednisone and NyQuil at recommended doses.

Is it safe to take ibuprofen and NyQuil together?

yes small doses

How does alcohol affect coordination?

Alcohol can severly effect someone's coordination when taken in large doses. Alcohol will still temporarily effect someone's coordination when taken in smaller doses as well

Are low doses of acute alcohol consumption known to cause relief of anxiety?

The question does not make sense. Low doses of alcohol, by definition, are not acute.

Extremely high doses of alcohol can kill?

True, It can

Can you take NyQuil 12 hours after taking Robitussin?

12 hours is long enough between doses but don't take anything else for a full 8 hours after the NyQuil to allow that to wear off.

What are the long term effects of taking benedryll with alcohol if there are any?

There are none. High doses of benadryl induce delirium that may be exacerbated by alcohol, but such doses are usually the result of the user's intent to get a high. Diphenhydramine at it's therapeutic doses does not interact with alcohol in any significant way.

Can High doses of alcohol lead to blackouts involving amnesia?


What high blood pressure medication can be obtained in LOW doses?

As stated above, kindly inform me as to what high blood pressure medication can be obtained in LOW doses?

What ingredient in NyQuil makes you sleepy?

It's a very powerful sedative called Doxylamine Succinate. If taken in small doses, the sedative becomes highly effective.

Does acetaminophen thin blood?

Acetaminophen is only considered a blood thinner in large doses.

Can you take NyQuil on heroin?

Yes you can. Should you? That's the real question. From personal experience I can tell you a normal two tablespoon dosage of NyQuil does not react negatively in the body with your average dope high. However, NyQuil is a narcotic and should be treated as such. Large doses of either the heroin or NyQuil or both in combination are dangerous so use extreme caution when self medicating. In other words if you're really high on dope wait until you come down to drink any NyQuil and if you've taken a lot of NyQuil don't do any dope. Mixing depressants is always a gamble.

Should lorazepam be taken with vicodin?

In low doses, it will be fine, but to avoid further CNS depression (shallow breathing, etc), do not drink alcohol and do not raise the doses of your medications.

Is Aleve liver toxic?

not at recommended doses for the prescribed amount of time with cautions about excess alcohol

Can you take Echinacea if you have High Blood-pressure?

This is not a good idea. In mild doses it should not effect you. However in higher doses it can lead to high blood pressure, water retention and a loss of potassium.

Does drinking alcohol cause euphoria?

In the immediate effects, yes - alcohol does induce euphoria, then in larger doses it will cause lethargy (sluggish feeling), and so on.

How does alcohol affect a sports performer?

In small doses, alcohol can increase performance slightly. However, beyond that it begins to have intoxicating effects and these dramatically reduce performance.

If a person has consumed large doses of alcohol and large doses of methamphetamine at the same time for almost a year can this cause a person to start hearing voices in their head?

alcohol has nothing to do with it but using any upper for prolonged periods will cause both visual and auditory hallucination

Where is alcohol from?

Alcohol comes from yeast eating sugar? Basically alcohol is yeast excrement. Since yeast over doses on alcohol at about 16 percent it is necessary to distill it if you want higher concentrations. (Whiskey, rum, anything above 16 percent alcohol.)

Does diphenhydramine thin blood?

Yes diphenhydramine does thin the blood, as well as increase the heart rate, when taken in excessive doses

What id ghb?

Gamma hydroxy butrate. it is a substance that in high doses can be a date rape drug but at lower and medium doses is similar to alcohol but with more euphoria. It was schedueled in 1999 due to a number of deaths.

What can alcohol do?

If you drink to much it may kill you somehow because you might get to drunk and do some thing very stupid, Alcohol is also toxic in relatively small doses and carcinogenic.

Why sugar quality decreases when fertilizer doses increases in Sweet Sorghum?

fertizer ecourages growth, possibly at the expence of sugar content

What are the side effects of taking seroquel Klonopin and alcohol?

An intense drunken high-stupor that even on high-doses does not matter.