What is the book price on a Winchester 20 ga model 140?

Pricing a Winchester 94 is rather complicated. If the serial number is below 148675 it is an antique according to BATF regulations which makes sales between individuals in different states less complicated and adds a bit to the price. Serial numbers below 2700000 are desired by collectors because they were manufactured with hand-fitted forged parts. The newer ones are valued only for their usefullness. If you have a Model 94 standard rifle manufactured from 1964 to 2005, the Blue Book lists it for $135 in well-worn but useable (60%) condition and $275 in 100% new condition. Since the 1980s, there have been several variations of the 94 (Traditional, Legacy, Ranger, Trails End, Pack Rifle . . . ), but except for a few limited edition guns, they all fall into a range of $120-$165 in 60% and $285-$435 in 100%. Since manufacture of the '94 ended this spring after 113 years of production, perhaps there will be an increase in these prices, but with millions of them available, it is not likely to be a significant amount. Perhaps I'll come back to this question tomorrow and get into the pricing of the classic pre-64s.