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Combine is on the county lines of Dallas and Kaufman Counties. I do know that Comcast Advertises coverage there, there may be other options.


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183. In my area anyway (Dallas). it all depends on who you have with your cable company

Your cable company is Time Warner Cable

You will need to have the internet thru your cable company but not cable tv service.

The best cable company would be Comcast.

No. Each cable company uses different signal encryption technology.

Cable Piano Company was created in 1880.

Commercial Cable Company was created in 1884.

No. Cable internet is sent over cable lines, while DSL is sent over telephone lines. I know of no company that is both a cable company and a telephone company.

Time Warner is about $50.00 a month in Dallas. If you need phone, internet and cable then you can get a better rate if you get all three from Time Warner.

Yes there is. Usually, a company such as Verizon and Time Warner Cable offers plans that combine the three services at a highly discounted price that is way less than the services bought separately.

Omaha Cable Tramway Company was created in 1884.

Omaha Cable Tramway Company ended in 1896.

Commercial Pacific Cable Company was created in 1901.

In order to activate your service the cable company must know the MAC address of the cable modem you have installed.

Cable Box Descramblers..Legal if you notify your cable company :)

Yes you can get both thorugh the company. You are not required to also have cable TV.

I live in North Carolina, US and have Time Warner cable. When will Dallas start?

The Cheapest cable company in Texas is Dslone.

You can get digital cable from Comcast cable in your area.

call a cable company and ask

Call the cable company and become a subscriber.

TPC is not a type of cable, but rather a company known as "TPC Wire & Cable Corp." The company deals in wire, cables, and connectors.

Charter Cable is a cable company that was founded in 1993. They also do internet and phone services. The official name for the company is Charter Communications.

A cable filter is used to attempt to view pay per view channels or movies from a cable company without paying. Cable filters attempt to do this by blocking the return signal to the cable company.

"Yes" - satellite television company "Hot" - regular cable television company

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