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What is the capital of French guina?

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The capital of French Guiana is Cayenne.

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Q: What is the capital of French guina?
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What is south America's territory?

French Guina, as i recall.

What sports r there in french guina?

there r me kissing

What is the area of French Guina in square miles?

French Guiana is 32,253 sq miles (83,534 km²).

Which country has sovereignty over the only large political unit on the south America continent that is not a country?

French Guina

What countries of South America border the Atlantic Ocean?

brizilbrazil, french guiana, argentina, guina, and suranom

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What is the capital of belguim in french?

The capital of Belgium in french is Bruxelles.

Can guina pig swim?


Which countries belonged to the French empire?

Algeria, Tunisia,Chad, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Guinea, Lebanon, Syria, Togo, Dahomey, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, French Guina,... and there are lots more.

French capital in Roman times?

what was the french capital in roman times?

What is the capital of Belgium and how is it written in French?

The capital is Brussels and in French it is Bruxelles

What country does a squirrel monkey live in?

Bolivia,Brazil,Colombia,Ecuador,French Guina,Guyana,Peru,Suriname,Paraguay,Venezuela,and Southern Florida

What is the territorial capital of French polynesia?

The territorial capital of French polynesia is Papeete.

What is the capital city of Italy in french?

Thename of the capital city of Italy in French is Rome.

What is the capital of Panama in French?

The capital of Panama in French is: la Ville de Panama.

What is the capital of french surinam?

Suriname is not a French country. It is a Dutch country. The capital is Paramaribo

What is capital in French?

Une capitale - a capital city, le capital - financial capital

Why was Paris the center of the French Revolution?

Because it is the french capital and if you take the capital you win the war.

What is the french word for capital?

Capital city is capitale.

What is the French capital?

Paris is the capital city of France.

What is the capital of Belgique?

"Belgique" is French for "Belgium." The capital of Belgium is Brussels, or Bruxelles in French, or Brussel in Flemish.

Is the french capital the same thing as France?

France is a country and the French capital is a city named Paris.

What is algeria's capital in french?

The Algerian capital is spelled "Algers" (close to the English spelling, but with no "i" in the name) in French.

What is the capital city of ecosse?

Écosse is French for Scotland. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, spelled Édimbourg in French.

What is the capital of guayana francesa?

The capital of French Guiana is Cayenne.