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I have a 96 Explorer - had the same problem. There is a side cover on the transfer case, behind which is a small electric motor and a gear drive that switches the transfer case from high to low. I cleaned up this worm gear and re-greased it. Works fine now. I presume the problem was that since I hadn't used 4low for a long time, the grease on the worm dried out and caused the electric motor to thermo out and not run. Works now. Read this faq to do it yourself for free:

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โˆ™ 2007-01-10 01:59:00
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Q: What is the cause and the solution of a 1992 Ford Explorer with push button 4wheel drive being stuck in 4high?
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Why wont s10 shift from 4high to 2x?

i have a 99 s10 4x that shifts into 4high just fine but will not shift back to 2x without several tries , why?

What can be wrong when the front wheels don't work in 4high but does in 4low and its a new transfer case?

That depends on if there is a front axle disconnect. Your problem could be with a switch that tells the front axle to engauge.

What is the transfer case shift pattern in a 1986 Toyota 4x4?

it is a U pattern top left is 2wd bottom left is 4high bottom right is N and top right is 4low

What will cause 4x4 switch not to work When turned to 4high or low-nothing happensneither do it light up showing 4 high or low-How can it be checked?

you have an electric motor on the transfer case unplug it and see if you have power going to it if you do the electric motor needs replaced

When you try to engage your 4high from 2 4h and 4l flashes green and it wont engage yet you can hear 4l engage when you put it in 4l?

when i try to engage 4xhigh from2xh both 4xh and 4xlow flasg green and wont engage,what could be the problem

How do you shift to four wheel drive on a 1992 jeep cyj?

If it is a standard: 4High - Put in clutch, use transfercase shifter (shorter shifter) and follow the shift pattern into 4H 4Low - Come to a complete stop, Put in clutch, use transfercase shifter (shorter shifter) and follow the shift pattern into 4L If it is an automatic 4High/4Low - Stop, Put vehicle in park, use transfercase shifter (shorter shifter) and follow the shift pattern into 4L or 4H If this doesn't work it means something is wrong with your CAD (central axle dissconnect). Which means there could be a leak in the vaccum lines, or the shifter fork in the CAD is bent or broken.

89 Cherokee 4 wheel drive won't enguage?

I've got an 89 cherokee and when bought it was stuck in 2wd. Make sure it's in park and put some blocks in front and behind the wheels to keep it from rolling. Have a friend slowly move the 4wd lever from 2wd down to 4lock, then 4high, then neutral (even if it's in park the vehicle will roll if the transfer case is shifted to neutral...make sure there is something preventing the vehicle from rolling), after neutral on the 4wd level is 4low range. Be underneath the vehicle while your friend is moving the lever and watch near the driver side of the vehicle right next to the transmission pan. You will notice a part of linkage moving as your friend moves it. That linkage is connected with a tiny clip to another part that goes to the transfercase. Make sure it hasnt slipped out. If it has you will need to find a "C" or "E" clip to hold it in place and possibly replace the bushing. If your problem is the same as mine then it should only take 15-30 minutes to fix.

How many miles can you get out of a 1998 mountaineer?

mine has 100,000 (+/-) and still going strong--except for needing a new fuel pump Mine is still going strong 128000 miles after a new radiator and new rear transaxle.good luck We are at 173,860 miles with only a few rattles. No oil burn or leaks. A transmission oil and filter change may be good if not done yet. Our only problem now is electrical with the goofy computer flashing false 4low and 4high along with OD off indicators and no radio display is present. O yes, we also can only open three of four doors. The locks are a constant pain!!! My Mountaineer has about 120,000 miles on it. Everything is still running pretty good except the radio display doesn't work (can be fixed for about $125) and my power antenna is acting up, won't go up, and can be replaced with aftermarket parts. Other than that is acts like any other truck with that mileage on it Same as the previous answer. Did have to replace the door hinges after 130K miles.

Where is the air inside the cab filter on a 1998 ford explorer XLT 4wheel drive V6?

There isn't one.

Kicks into neutral after a little while in 4wheel drive button engage what would be problem?

It may have the original transfer case that was recalled

Where is the rsc button on a 2010 Ford explorer?

You can locate the RSC button on the 2010 Ford Explorer at the message panel.

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Can you tow a 1994 geo tracker 5 speed?

If it has 4wheel drive, put it in neutral on the 4wheel drive shifter and put the regular shifter in 4th gear, if not I cant help you.AnswerIf it has 4wheel drive, put it in neutral on the 4wheel drive shifter and put the regular shifter in 4th gear, if not I cant help you.

How do you tell if 1996 explorer has keyless entry?

Press the button on your keyfob

Where is the fog light button to turn on the fog lights on the 2001 ford explorer sport?

The button is to the right of the stereo head unit

Is there a fuse that could go out on the four wheel drive button on a 93 Ford Explorer?

vacum hose diagram 93 ford explorer