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The shimmy sensation in a vehicles steering wheel could be from several things , but the foremost likely reason is the camber being out of adjustment, and a simple alighnment should solve the issue promptly

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Q: What is the cause of a shimmy in a car steering system?
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Why does my steering wheel shimmy when i apply my brakes?

your car is probably trashy

Why does a brand new car with less than 100 miles on it have a shimmy in the steering wheel when applying the brakes?

check brake rotors.

Why car steering dancing?

A shimmy in the steering wheel while driving indicates that your tires have worn incorrectly as a result of improper alignment. have your tie-rods, and ball joints checked and replaced if needed. Then have your car aligned.

Can low levels of power steering fluids cause the car to overheat?

No. The power steering fluid has nothing to do with your cooling system. It goes from the reservoir to the pump to the steering rack and back again.

Could a bad CV joint cause your car to shimmy and wear a tire unevenly?

actually that was the problem but thanks for trying

What can be caused by excessive negative caster?

Excessive caster is a drivability concern and will not cause tire wear. It will however cause instability in the steering. It will cause the steering to not automatically center after making a turn, and in server cases can cause the steering to be extremely sensitive and over-steer at the slightest input. This can be made worse by wheel shimmy. If caster is unequal from side to side, the the car will pull to the side that is most negative.

How often should power steering system be flushed?

It is not necessary to flush the power steering system in a car. However, you should check the power steering fluid level in the car each month.

Why does car shimmy - shock absorber?

Or wheel and tyre.

Why is there smoke from the steering column of your car?

Smoke from the steering column indicates a short in the electrical system. Have it towed to a mechanic so they can find the short. Disconnect the battery so you do not cause a fire.

Car shimmy at a complete stop not all the time?

How does a car's front end shimmy at a complete stop? Shimmies only happen with the car moving. Need more specific information in the question.

What problem with my tires can cause my car to be unlevel?

The tires could be unevenly inflated from one another. Also you could have 'shimmy' where your brakes or axle cause the car to veer slightly, which could also affect tire wear and steering, alignment and vertical balance. Start with properly inflating your tires, then get them rotated and balanced-- with any luck that could be all that you require.

What might cause a car to shimmy?

Worn front end parts, suspension issues, slipped belt in the tires, tire balance problem.

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