What is the cause of burning garbage?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is the cause of burning garbage?
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How can affect ozone layer by burning garbage?

Burning garbage produces greenhouse gases. It can cause ozone depletion.

What do burning garbage cause?

The act of burning garbage causes the release of toxins into the air. This makes it difficult for people to breathe and can cause physical harm.

The garbage disposal problem can best be reduced by?

burning garbage

What are two advantages of burning garbage for fuel?

There is a lot of recent carbon in garbage, so burning garbage is usually carbon neutral. If the burning can be used to heat buildings or to generate electricity, then it replaces some fossil fuel burnings. This reduces the effect of global warming.Burning garbage means that less garbage goes into landfill which can cause problems like methane generation and pollution seepage.If the garbage is not burnt at high temperatures there may be other pollutants released which can contribute to air pollution.

What is the cause of garbage?

the cause of garbage is litter

Is the burning of garbage is chemical change?

Yes, burning is a chemical process.

why is this garbage?

cause it is garbage

What is an energy from burning wood alcohol or garbage?


What energy is from burning wood alcohol or garbage?


What are the causes of garbage pollution?

wen you are throwing garbage in rivers or burning garbage

How is garbage cause of air pollution?

Garbage pollution can cause emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

List two potential problems with burning garbage?

Burning garbage can produce pollution to the air. People with breathing problems may be affected. It can also release harmful chemicals into the air.