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Huntington's Disease

What is the cause of huntington disease?

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Does diencephalon cause huntington disease?

Huntington's is a genetically transmitted disease- you get it by inheriting the gene for it.

What causes huntingston disease?

Huntington Disease is passed on from generation to generation and is lethal. There is no known cause.

Who is George huntington?

He is the first person that described the Huntington disease.

Is there a known cause for huntington disease?

Yes. It is a genetically transmitted disease. It damages portions of the brain. See the website for he Huntington's Disease Society of America for more information.

What type of mutation causes huntington's disease?

The cause of huntington disease is a trinucleotide (CAG) expansion in the HD gene. The protein affected (gain of function, turns toxic) is called huntingtin. Huntington disease is autosomally dominant and has full penetrance if the repeat is greater than 38 in size.

Is Huntington disease a dominant?


In huntington disease the huntington protein has too many?

It's caused by an dominant allele.

Where should the Huntington disease be located?

in your brain

Is huntington disease homozygous or heterozygous?

It is heterozygous.

Who discover the huntington's disease?

Dr.George Huntington

Who is most likely to get Huntington disease?


What is the probability that a girl will not have huntington disease?


Is huntington disease inheritable?

Yes. Only.

Graph showing how many people have huntington's disease?

graph of huntington disease

Where is Huntington disease found in the body?

Huntington's is a neurological disease that affects the brain.

What is the frequency of carriers with huntington disease in population?


Is huntington disease an autosomal dominant disorder?


How is Huntington disease inherited?

Its Passed On From Your Parents Its Inherited

Is huntington disease a dominat or recessice trait?


Is huntington disease a autosomal dominant disorder?


What is the name of the protein produced by Huntington Disease?


Who discovered Huntington's Disease?

George Huntington who was a young physician, first described the disease in 1872.

Is huntington disease contagious?

Huntington's disease is not contagious as it is a genetic disorder. It is passed down from parents.

What sex does huntington disease affect?

Both genders equally.

What are a few disease associated with neurotransmitters?

raynouds disease , parkensonism ,brain degenerative disorders , huntington disease ,segawas disease , Autism , epilepsy ,

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