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Some people are poor, they dont have job to earn money for their families.Some people are fisherman....................itutuloy bukas......

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Q: What is the cause of muro ami fishing?
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What are the disadvantages of Muro-ami fishing?

You destroy corals when doing that. The only good it does is for the person doing the muro-ami fishing. You destroy the homes of fishes and kill most of their young.

What is muro ami fishing?

Muro-Ami is a kind of fishing method wherein it uses an encircling net with devices. The devices contain large stones that adapt on the ropes.

What is the effect of dynamite fishing and muro ami on the productivity of corals?

dynamite fishing and muro ami can destroy corals so if there are less corals, less corals will be produced.

Bad effects of muro-ami fishing?

bad effects of muro-ami fishing? it pollutes the water,it kills some of the fish, and it disturbs the marine ecosystem in the area

How do you prevent muro ami fishing?

we can prevent this by simply valuing our nature

Causes and effects of destruction of coral reef?

Cyanide fishing, Dynamite fishing and "Muro-ami" can also cause Coral Reefs Destruction due to chemicals that are involved in these types of fishing.

Effect of muro ami?

Effect of Muro ami Do you know that doing muro ami can eliminate all the coral reefs

What is muru- ami fishing?

It is a method of reef fishing that uses children to scare fish into a net. see the link below for a wee expose of Muro-ami.

What is the duration of Muro Ami?

The duration of Muro Ami is 2 hours.

What will do to protect coral reefs?

we must stop that dynamite fishing,cyanide fishing, muro-ami fishing and other things that can destroyed corals

When was Muro Ami created?

Muro Ami was created on 1999-12-25.

Causes of muro ami fishing?

Muro-ami fishing is a technique that is performed on coral reefs found in Southeast Asia. It is done by encircling a net together with pounding devices like large stones fitted to ropes and then pounded into the coral reefs.

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