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You need to see your OBGYN, you could have an infection or an STD. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Does chlamydia cause clumpy vaginal discharge?

It's possible, but the typical vaginal discharge from chlamydia, in those rare patients who have symptoms, is smooth and yellow.

What can cause yellow vaginal discharge?

This is likely a bacterial infection. You need to visit a doctor for antibiotics.

Dark yellow vaginal discharge?

Dark yellow discahrge

Can chlamydia cause vaginal discharge?

Chlamydia can cause a vaginal discharge, but 80-90% of women with chlamydia have no symptoms at all.

Can the birth control pill cause a yellow discharge without odor?

The birth control pill can change vaginal discharge, but a yellow discharge is a possible sign of infection. See your health care provider as soon as possible.

What does thick milky yellow vaginal discharge mean?

The thick milky yellow discharge is nothing more then a infection.

What type of STDs could cause vaginal discharge?

Several STDs cause discharge; chlamydia, gonorrhea (a white or yellow green pus), or trichomoniasis (gray or yellow green pus and smells fishy). You need to check this out with your doctor.

What color is the discharge if you have chlamydia?

Typically, if a person has symptoms, the vaginal discharge with chlamydia is yellow, but some may have spotting or bleeding that can cause red or brown color. Penile discharge may be yellow, white, or clear. But most women and many men have no symptoms of chlamydia, so in women, most typically the discharge does not look any different from normal vaginal discharge.

Can an STD cause thick yellow vaginal discharge?

Yes it is most likely a bacterial infection. You will need antibiotics to cure it.

What std can cause yellow discharge from your penis?

Gonorrhea or chlamydia can cause a yellow discharge.

Can an STD cause yellow discharge and odor?

A STD can cause a yellow smelly discharge.

Is vaginal doscharge yellow and chalky?

Vaginal discharge is usually cloudy, or a white color to clear. After it has dried, it is normal to have a yellow tint to it.

Is there discharge present with genital warts?

Genital warts do not cause a vaginal discharge.

What can cause brown vaginal discharge vaginal irritation soreness and redness?

that is a infection your vaginal discharge is supposed to be white,creamy, an clearish! i would get that checked out by a docter!

Is it normal for vaginal discharge to be yellow?

No it is not, it could mean that you have an acute fungal infection or if you are sexually active it could possibly mean that you have an sexually transmitted disease: chlamydia, trichomoniasis, or gonorrhea are amongst the STD that can cause yellow/greenish discharge.

Early pregnancy vaginal yellow discharge?

Could it possibly be a yeast infection?

What does it mean when you have yellow vaginal discharge and red pink diarrhea?

Means your ugly!

What is the cause of brown vaginal discharge?

Montly Mestransation Cycle.

What does it mean when your vaginal discharge is a light greenish yellow color?

You could be starting to get a yeast infection. See a dr. cause it could be something else.

Your vaginal discharge is brownis this normal?

When vaginal discharge is brownish it is somewhat normal but still could have something wrong to it. If it is yellow then i would go see a doctor about it. But if your too young to go see a doctor about your vaginal discharge tell your mother or guardian. -BillionQuestions13-

What the cause of dirty discharge?

A dirty discharge is a sign of vaginal infection, cheesy chlamydia, green discharge gonorrhea and syphilis.

What does it mean when white gooey stuff comes out of your vagina?

This white gooey stuff is called vaginal discharge. You get it 5 months- 1year before having your first period.This stuff also drys yellow so if your underpants are yellow not to worry it is just vaginal discharge. Even if you have already had your period you still may experience vaginal discharge.

Can an STD cause milky white discharge?

STDs can cause a milky white vaginal or penile discharge. See your health care provider for an exam if you have an unusual discharge.

Does endometriosis cause vaginal discharge?

Yes!!! Endometriosis does cause discharge. The color range from a light brownish color to a mucus-like consistency.

What would cause vaginal discharge at age 66?

a vaginal discharge can be caused by a number of factors at any age. The best thing to do is see a doctor for a proper exam.