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You can look up prices on

...or, Google: download - to get a very good clone free.

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Q: What is the cheapest price to purchase a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional?
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What is the cheaptest price to purchase a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional?

you can get it for free!!! it is available from

Where can one get a Windows XP professional version?

The best place to find Windows XP, the professional version, would be on the Microsoft site. Or, one could purchase a copy at an electronics store such as Best Buy.

What programs come with Microsoft Office Professional?

Yes, there are more programs included in the Microsoft Office Professional version verses the Home version. The extra programs included in the Microsoft Office Professional are Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

Does Windows 7 Professional have word?

No, Microsoft Word is part of Microsoft Office, which comes as a separate product from Windows 7 Professional. You need to purchase Office separately if you need Word. The latest version is Office 2013.

Where can a person buy the newest version of Microsoft Word?

One can purchase the newest version of Microsoft Word from the Microsoft Office store. One can also purchase it from Staples, Fry's Electronics, and Office Depot.

Does Windows XP Professional have Microsoft Word?

No. Microsoft Word is not part of any version of Windows; it is a separate product.

Does Microsoft Office 2010 have Microsoft Access in its program?

Yes, some versions of Microsoft Office 2010 do have Access in them. For example the Professional version has it.

Is it worth it to buy microsoft office Professional?

No, there are no cheaper programs that function as well as Word and Excel. It is definitely worth it to make the purchase.If you are looking to save money on the purchase then you should buy and older version of Microsoft Office.

How much does Windows XP business software cost?

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Full Version with SP2 costs $327.13 on and ships for free. They also have Microsoft Windows 7 Professional which is a newer version of this item.

What is the price of the latest Microsoft office?

The latest Microsoft Office package that is available for purchase is the 2013 version. The home and student version is 139 dollars and the home and business version is 219 dollars.

What is required to use Access as a Database?

MicroSoft Office. In the newer versions you will need the professional version.

Where can one download Microsoft Project software?

Microsoft Project 2013 can be downloaded online from Microsoft's official website, Microsoftstore. The "Professional" version of this software currently costs å£949.99. The "Standard" version costs å£559.99.

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