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I would say the most inexpensive way to repair this is to get a good used radiator at a salvage yard near you. If you're handy with wrenches you should be able to save yourself some BUCKS $$ going this route.


I would buy a new one if I were you. Salvage yard ones have been sitting around with no coolant, rotting. You want to take the chance of destroying your motor? A used one will go bad soon too. Might as well start fresh.


Stop-Leak is the cheapest way to fix a small leak, but it is only a temporary measure. If coolant is really gushing out of the radiator, it's best to replace it or have a radiator shop repair it. Trying to cut corners here is like jumping over dollar bills to pick up pennies. BUY A BRAND-NEW VIRGIN, FRESH-FROM-THE-FACTORY RADIATOR!! Most come with a warranty. It is risking severe overheating and possibly blowing a head gasket or destroying your motor. $100.00 for a new radiator is much cheaper than $1000.00 or more to replace a head gasket or a motor.


For a small leak idle engine, top radiator with water crack open a fresh egg and drain into radiator.

this might sound funny but if you cant afford to buy a new one at this time you need it try black pepper in it,works like stop leek and is cheaper,and you can get it anywhere.

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Q: What is the cheapest way to fix a leaking radiator?
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