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There is no chemical name for soap. This is because most soaps are mixtures of compounds and would not have a chemical name.

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Q: What is the chemical name for soap?
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Chemical name of soap?

"Soap" is a chemical category rather than the name of a particular chemical compound and therefore does not have a unique chemical name. One of the commonest compounds in soap made from animal fat is sodium stearate.

Chemical formula name for Dial soap?

Dial soap contains several chemicals. For example, the chemical formula name for the antibacterial property of Dial soap is hexachlorophene. The name for the chemical that creates the detergent is sodium laurel sulfate.

Is sodium bicarbonate the chemical name for soap?

no it is the chemical for washing soda

What is the chemical name for dial body wash?

There is no chemical name for it. That is a propietary commercial soap mixture formulation.

Is soap a chemical?

Soap is a chemical compound or a mixture of more of them

Why it is consider the soap as a chemical?

If you read the ingredients of soap on the packaging, you will see many different chemical compounds listed. Soap is a mixture of chemical compounds.

Is dish soap a chemical change or physical change?

the creation of soap is a chemical reaction.

How soap become chemical change?

Soap is a chemical product, not a change. But washing involve some chemical reactions.

Is soap acidic?

Soap is a basic chemical compound.

What is the chemical equation for water and soap?

the chemical equation is water + soap=[whatever you get for the expierement. jessyjjd

Is a soap bubble a element?

A soap bubble is not a chemical element.

Is the lathering of soap a chemical or physical change?

Well , lathering of soap is both chemical and physical change

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