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She would be his grand niece. He would be her great uncle.

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What relation are you to the grandson of your niece?

Great great aunt/uncle. To your niece, you are the aunt/uncle, to her child you would be the great aunt/uncle. So you would then be the great great aunt/uncle of her child's child (her grandson)

What is the relationship of your uncle to your child?

Your uncle is your child's great uncle. Your child is his great niece (if a girl) or great nephew (if a boy).

How is your child related to your uncle?

The child of your nephew is your great niece (if a girl) or a great nephew (if a boy). Since you are the uncle of the parent, you are the great uncle of the child.

Are you the child's great uncle if your niece has a child?

You are the great uncle of your niece's child if you are male. If you are female, you are the child's great aunt.

Use word niece in a sentence?

Here are three sentences with the word 'niece': "My niece was born yesterday." "I am an uncle because I have a niece." "My sister has a child and therefore she is my niece."

What is the term for the relationship between an aunt and the child of her niece?

The child of your niece is your great nephew (if the child is a boy) or your great niece( if the child is a girl). You are the child's great aunt, because you are a woman. A man would be the child's great uncle.

Your niece has a baby what are you?

If you are male, you are great uncle to your niece's child. If you are female you are great aunt. The child is your great nephew (if it is a boy) or great niece (if it is a girl).

How are you related to your niece's child?

Your niece's child is your great niece (some would say your grand niece). You are her great aunt (if you are a woman) or her great uncle (if you are a man).

What relationship are you to a child of your grand niece?

The child of your grand niece (also called great niece) is your great grand niece or nephew (or great great niece or nephew). If you are a woman, you are that child's great great aunt; if you are a man you are the child's great great uncle.

Your relation to your sisters daughter?

You would be her Aunt or Uncle. The child would be your Niece.

What are you to your uncle?

To your uncle, you are his niece or nephew.

Who are you to your Niece?

Your niece will call you her aunt or uncle.

If someone is your uncle and your grandpa what are they called?

A person cannot be both your uncle and your grandfather because your uncle is the son of your grandfather. it's for my story, the father bred with his daughter who was also is great niece (he bred with his niece and then he bred with their child, making the child's grandfather also his uncle)

Is a uncle a descendant to a niece?

No, because the neice is the daughter of the uncle's sibling. If the uncles' sibling didn't have a child, then the uncle wouldn't be called "uncle" since there is no neice.

What is the relationship between your paternal grandmother's brother and your CHILD?

Your grandmother's brother is your great uncle and you are his great niece or great nephew. Your child is his great great niece or great great nephew.

Is your nieces child your cousin?

No they are your great nephew or great niece and you are there great aunt or great uncle

What relation am I to my wife's niece?

Your wife's niece is also your niece, so you are her uncle.

What would you call your wife's niece?

Your wife's niece is also your niece, and you are her uncle.

If you are an uncle to a little girl what is she to you?

'Niece' is what a little girl is to her uncle. 'Nephew' is what a little boy is to his uncle. The children also are the niece and the nephew of their aunt.

If your father's third cousin was an uncle what would be the relation between his niece and you?

If your father's third cousin is an uncle because his brother or sister has a child, then that child and you are fourth cousins.If your father's third cousin is an uncle because his wife has a brother or sister who has a child, then that child and you are not related to each other.

What are you to your great-niece?

You are her great uncle or great aunt.

If you have an uncle you are his what?

You are his niece or nephew

What relation am I to my sisters grandaughter?

Your sister's daughter is your niece. They are your children's first cousin. Your niece's child would be a grand niece and you would be a great aunt or great uncle.

What is an uncle and aunt's grandma to a niece and nephew?

A niece or nephew is the child of an aunt's or uncle's brother or sister. So the parents of the aunt/uncle and of the niece's/nephew's parents are the same people - their grandparents. The grandmother of the aunt or uncle is the great grandparent of the niece or nephew.

What is the relationship of your nephews child to you?

you would be the child's great aunty or uncle Therefore, they would be your great niece or nephew.

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