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Your uncle is your child's great uncle. Your child is his great niece (if a girl) or great nephew (if a boy).

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He is your nephew and you are his uncle.

Your are a great uncle. I mean, I'm sure you're a wonderful uncle! But great uncle is your relationship. The child is your wife's sister's great grandchild, right? So you are great uncle.

He would be the teachers cousin. imagine you had an uncle and he had a child . that child would be your cousin .

If he's your great uncle, then he would be the child's great great uncle. Hope that helps !

if you are : 1. male , you are known to be as the child's uncle. and 2.if female , aunt

I believe that is called incest. I don't think that is legally allowed. The child will be prone to deformities as well because it is such a close relationship of inbreeding.

Your great nephew's child is your great great nephew or great great niece You are his or her great great aunt or uncle.

Your niece's child is your great niece if she is a girl or your great nephew if he is a boy. You are his great aunt if you are female or his great uncle if you are male.

Well your father's father is your Grandfather. And it depends how your uncle is related to your grandfather. Your uncle could be your grandfather's son, or your grandfather could have a sibling who's child is your uncle- which would make him your Grandfather's nephew.

you would be the child's great aunty or uncle Therefore, they would be your great niece or nephew.

Your mother's brother is your uncle. Any child of your mother's brother is your first cousin.

Your mom's brother to your child is a great uncle. That is because your mom's brother is YOUR uncle, so he to your child will be a great uncle!

Yes, there are DNA tests that can determine whether a great uncle, or a great aunt, is likely related to a particular child. DNA samples are needed from both the child and the adults whose relationship is to be assessed.

Your uncle is either of your parent's brother.

Any man whose brother or sister has a child is uncle to that child.

A child of your aunt or uncle is your first cousin.

The child of your nephew is your great niece (if a girl) or a great nephew (if a boy). Since you are the uncle of the parent, you are the great uncle of the child.

Your uncle would be your daughter' Great Uncle.

The English language recognizes no relationship between you and your husband's great uncle.

Your grandfather's uncle is your great uncle.

Yes, your wife's nephew is your nephew because you are his uncle.The aunt and uncle relationship is different from many other family relationships because you can become an aunt or uncle simply by marrying someone whose sibling has a child.Your parent's brother is your uncle and his wife is always your aunt, even though you have no genetic relationship. She is not your aunt-in-law.

The child of your niece is your great nephew (if the child is a boy) or your great niece( if the child is a girl). You are the child's great aunt, because you are a woman. A man would be the child's great uncle.

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