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The caliph is the highest title in Islam, however it was abolished in 1924 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was the president of turkey. He abolished it because the royal family of turkey had been hereditary caliphs of islam since 1517, and he was anti-monarchist. Once the title of caliph had been abolished there was no other hierarchy for islam since everybody else was appointed by the caliph, there were only local religous leaders left. There is no current head of islam, even though there have been several conferences about appointing ine since, but not all countries with a predominantly muslim population accept the idea and so no agreement has been reached.

There is currently no head of islam

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What is the hierarchy of Islam?


Give the hierarchy of the church?

Which church?

Is there hierarchy in Islam?

yes in fact there is

What is the social hierarchy of Islam?

The social hierarchy of Islam starts from the Prophet Adam (Peace Be upon Him) and it goes continue with whosoever accepted Islam to the last Muslim of the world.

Was Islam hierarchical?

Islam is one of the only religions without a hierarchy.

What are the differences between Episcopalian and Baptist?

Episcopalian has some church hierarchy (bishops, etc.). I don't think that Baptists have a church hierarchy. There is a Baptist hierarchy within the church consisting of the Pastor and selected Deacons; however, if you are refering to a hierarchy within the denomination, then no, there is not a Baptist hierarchy.

What was the lowest position in the medieval church hierarchy?

The lowest position in the medieval church hierarchy was the Parish Priest. This is similar to the hierarchy today, with the Pope at the highest position.

Church hierarchy from the lowest rank to the highest rank?

No such thing, man made - organized religion, the apostolic church had no hierarchy.

What did vassals have to do with the church?

The relationship between a vassal and the church was the same as the relationship between any other secular person and the church. The vassal was part of the feudal hierarchy, and the church had a separate hierarchy.

Which group is found at the top of the early Christian church hierarchy?

The Patriarchs were found at the top of the early Christian church hierarchy.

How did early Christians organize the church?

As a hierarchy

Where in the hierarchy were priests?

a priest is a person at a church

Is the nation of Islam controlled by the Catholic Church?

The Nation of Islam is not controlled by the Catholic Church. The Nation of Islam was founded in 1930.

Why do you think the Christian church came to be ruled by a hierarchy?

The early christians turned to a surprising model to organize the church the roman empire itself. like the roman empire the church became ruled by a hierarchy.

Who ranked highest in the hierarchy of the medieval church?

The Pope

Who is the leader of the Church hierarchy - pope or priest?

The pope is the leader of the catholic Church on earth.

Who is not a member of the church pope parish priest king cardinal?

The king is not a member of the hierarchy of the Church.

What is the church name of Islam?

Islam doesn't have a church. The place where they pray is called a Mosque or Masjid (in Arabic)

What do you call the ordered grades of ordaines persons in the church?


Who was second in the chain of Anglican church hierarchy?

Archbishop of Canterbury

Who was the lowest ranked position in the medieval church hierarchy?

A, Bishop

The lowest ranked position in the medieval church hierarchy was a?


What is an Islam church?

A mosque. :)

When did the church of Islam begin?

it's not a church it's a masjid .

Is there a hierarchy in the christian church?

No in a Christian church there is no hierarchy. The Bible says we are all members of the one body and no part is more important than the other.Read 1Corinthians 12:12 - 25But in "Christian" religion people have developed a hierarchy, priests, bishops, archbishops etc