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What is the code for the avian flu?


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The name of the strain of virus that causes the Avian (Bird) flu is H5N1.

If you are asking for the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code, the new 2010 code for the Avian flu is 488.0.

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Avian Flu is not contagious. Swine flu is.

Q-pan is the approved vaccine for Avian Flu or H5N1.

To prevent contracting the avian flu, avoid contact with infected birds. If you have normal flu symptoms, eye infections, or respiratory issues, you many have the avian flu.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was closely related to an avian virus.

Humans and birds can die from avian "bird" flu. Up to 60% of humans who get avian flu can die.

Many people have contracted avian flu.

Avian influenza. or avian flu.

Avian influenza is also known as the "Bird Flu". Influenza is caused by viruses. The virus that causes avian flu is the H5N1 influenza virus.

There is no vaccine or cure to fight the avian flu but there are some antiviral medications to help with the symptoms associated with this.

Bird. Such as Avian Flu -- Bird Flu.

No you cant get it from avian flu directly, because swine flu is literally pig flu, so it originated from pigs, or so the name says. Same thing for avian flu, its, bird flu. S.o no, but you can get swine flu from birds, because flus can be carried from organisms to organisms. So, cutting it short, you can't get it from avian flu, but you can get it from a bird that has swine flu. A bit tedious but that's my answer.

Bird flu is another term used for avian influenza.

The H5N1 Virus is the Avian Flu, or otherwise recognized as the bird flu. :)

Avian flu must have been common in developing world. But it was obviously detected in developed world. As they had a technology to detect it.

Yes, it is a definitive symptom in Avian Flu and a few other types of flu.

Avian Influenza, H5N1 or Avian Influenza, H7N9.

No. Influenza viruses, including avian "bird" flu have no cells at all.

The respiratory system is the most affected body system with Avian Flu as with all cases of influenza. However, with the Avian Flu, the eyes can also be affected with conjunctivitis, an inflammation/infection of the whites of the eyes (aka pink eye).

It features the Grippe Aviaire (Bird Flu or Avian Flu) Dance created in 2006 by a DJ on the Ivory Coast of Africa in Abijan named DJ Lewis.

Bird flu (Avian Flu) is a Type A influenza and contains RNA.

It is a viral infection.

Kingdom Animalia Avian comes from the word 'Aves ' which means 'bird, so avian influenza is bird flu. '.

Yes. It does contain genetic material of Avian Flu in addition to three types of swine flu and also human flu viruses. (Avian flu is also called "Bird Flu"). When a virus mutates like this one did in pigs with five different genomes in the virus, it is called a quintuple reassortant (also known as reassortment) virus.The three types of swine flu genetic material in the A-H1N1/09 pandemic flu are American swine flu, Asian swine flu, and European swine flu.

Avian (Bird) Flu is one of the Influenza A viruses. All Influenza A viruses are enveloped.See below for related link to WikiPedia for additional information about the structure of Avian Flu virions.

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