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That typically means you're going back to jail/prison.

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Can you go to jail for failing a drug test?

You can go tot jail for failing a drug test. If you are on probation and it is a part of it and you fail then you can go to jail for violating probation.

How do you pass felony probation urine test?

I would not suggest trying to fool a felony probation urine test. My answer would be to quit smoking. Tough as it may be it is certainly easier then dealing with the consequences of failing the test. If the test is soon and you do not have this option, they sell many OTC products that literally stop metabolites (THC) from being digested for a period of some hours which in theory allow you to pass a urine test.

Can diluted urine cause a violation of probation?

Diluted urine can cause a violation of probation. Diluted urine indicates that the urine has been tampered with to alter test results.

Does federal probation test urine for benzodiazepines?


Can a probation urine test detect qcarbo32?


Will your probation officer give you another chance for failing a drug test?

no -.- druggy

What happen if a probation urine test comes back positive?

If you are on probation and your urine tests come back positive you are at the mercy of the court. They will sentence you as they see fit for breaking your probation.

Can a probation officer in Ohio do a urine test in your home?

no he cant

What does xanax and Ativan show up as in a Probation urine test?

Both will show up as benzodiazepines on a urine drug test.

Can you fail a urine test for probation after taking suboxone?

If you are tested for suboxone as it is a controlled substance, yes you will fail the urine test.

What is some of the most likely results for failing a drug test while on probation?


Can you use a pregnant girls pee for your probation urine test?

No, you cannot use a pregnant girl's urine for YOUR probation urine test. If you do, it will be the wrong DNA, the doctors will be confused and if you have a problem, the doctors won't be able to identify it with an incorrect urine sample! You could be endangering yourself!

Does your probation officer arrest you on the spot if you fail a urine test?

No. Not really

Can suboxone be evident in a standard probation urine test?

no it will not show up

Can proparacaine show up as cocaine in a probation urine test?


Does rockland county probation use etg test?

does rockland county probation use urine etg tests

How much urine is needed for a probation department drug test?

when the probation department comes to you for a urine test, they give you a small cup that you have to urinate into. Usually they prefer to have it as full as you can get it, but, it has to be at least a fourth the way filled up.

Do you get arrested on a probation violation by failing a drug test?

Yes, part of your probation is not having possession of, or using, illegal drugs. If you are caught violating probation, there is a very high chance that you will be arrested, and your probation will be voided.

How do you use gamble in a sentences?

It was a gamble to not study for the test, and I knew the consequence might be a failing grade.

Does vicodin show up in a urine drug test by probation and parole?


What type of drug test do they use for probation?

they use urine tests ussually

I am on probation will methadone show up on urine screen?

only if they specifically test for it, its not usually on the panel they test for

After a random urine testing positive for weed can you be fired?

Yes, you could be fired for failing a random urine test.

Can a probation officer test for opiates in urine and then test for Oxycontin or percocet separately in a 6 panel urine screen?

I'm on methadone and I would like to know when my probation officer takes a urine on me will he test for specific opiates. They probabley won't test for a specific Opiate as it is very expensive. Usually it is done in a lab using a Gas Chromatagraph.

Will a urine test detect qcarbo32?

I can't be dedected by a stick test, but it could in a lad test. It has creatine in it and some labs now, especially if it's for probation, test for that to see if you used a urine cleaner.

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