What is the coolant capacity of a 1990 Toyota pickup radiator?

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The capacity of the pickup models of the 90s is 9.1 liters of refrigerators, other models of the same era arrived 10 liters even the modern models reach up to 10 liters, but does not exceed 10 liters
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What is the coolant capacity of a 1990 Jeep Cherokee?

Answer . \nBit more info would help answer that question. Engine type would help. However, if you are asking because you believe that it should hold way more than you ju

How do you replace a 1992 Toyota pickup radiator?

first drain all anti freeze out of your radiator then undo fan shroud. Next you will have to undo radiator hoses supply and return, then undo the four bolts holding the radiat

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1990 Toyota pickup?

It should be right behind the fan, under the main air duct to the manifold, under the upper radiator hose, a little left of center as you face the engine with your legs agains
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What is the towing capacity of a 1990 Toyota V6 4x4 pickup?

3500 pounds but considering the age of your pickup that number probably doesn't hold merit. I have an 89 toyota pickup v6 single cab, and also a 1992 toyota 4runner, v6. I usu
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What is the coolant capacity of a 1994 Toyota pickup with a 22RE engine?

Capacites: Engine, with Mann Oil Filter (ML1003)...4.5 quarts [1] Cooling System, 2WD Initial Fill..........9 quarts Cooling System, 4WD Initial Fill..........9.5 quart