What is the correct blast media and pressure to bead blast pool tile?

The traditional method uses sand or glass beads.

Some cleaning companies use a media that is softer than the tile to avoid damage to the surface.

Specially processed sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and hydrated magnesium sulphate (epson salts) are used quite frequently for cleaning pool tile without damaging the tile. Both of these products are not recyclable and are cleaned by dissolving in water. Care must be taken with sodium bicarbonate because it can damage landscaping if not used properly.

Surface Renewal Pool Tile Cleaning uses both glass bead and magnesium sulfate to clean pool tile. You can not bead blast glass pool tile without etching so the use magnesium sulfate to clean glass pool tile is a must. On standard ceramic pool tile glass bead blasting is sufficient due to the high cost of using magnesium sulfate as long as it is done at a low pressure.