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What is the correct term for the people from Cheyenne?

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There are two Native American groups that make up the Cheyenne, which are the Tsitsistas and the Suhtai. Today, their estimated population is just over 22,000.

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What is the Northern Cheyenne word for Morning Star please?

Three answers.The Cheyenne term for the morning star seen in the sky is:Vóóhéve or VóóhéheThe name "Morning Star" applied to a person is:VóóhéhéveThe term Morning Star People, meaning the Northern Cheyenne, is:Vóohéhevevo'êstaneo'o

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The Cheyenne term for skull is seotse-meta'-eshko.

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Cheyenne in Wyoming and the Cheyenne river were named after the Cheyenne people.

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The Cheyenne language has this term for South Dakota, meaning "Sioux Place":Ho'óhomo'éno

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The population in Cheyenne was 59,466 at the 2010 census.

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The Cheyenne have a very complex system of terms for family members, which are different depending on whether it is a man or a woman speaking. The general term for family is:manâhestôtseThe term for "my family" is:na-vo'êstanemo

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