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What is the cost of a home appraisal?

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Appraisal cost answerIf it's a single family residential home in California or most other states it should average around $350 to $400. If the home is more than a million dollars than the cost may increase.
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What is the average cost of a home appraisal?

between $200 and $300 average

What is the cost of a home appraisal for a condominium in California?

There is no standard cost for an appraisal. This work is generally based on the scope of the work, which varies according to who commissions the appraisal, the type of appraisal and the size of the property being appraised. A local realtor can give you a better idea of what is common in your geography for the kind of appraisal you want.

How much a appraisal cost?

how much a appraisal cost in Conn. STATE.

Average cost for home Appraisal fee?


How can home appraisal be improved?

I am having a real estate appraisal soon. How can I improve my home appraisal?

What is the effective appraisal date?

The effective appraisal date is the date that the appraisal was completed. The appraisal will tell you how much your home is worth.

How can home appraisals be improved?

I am having a real estate appraisal soon. How can I improve my home appraisal?

Where do you get a home appraisal?

Find an appraisal firm near where you live and pay them to perform a home appraisal. Google should be able to help you find one.

What is cost appraisal?

Cost appraisal is the amount an item or property would "COST," to replace if it were a total loss. Let's assume a home burned to the ground in a fire, the cost appraisal would provide a line-by-line detailed estimate to replace the building with a new one of like, kind, and quality to the original that burned. A cost appraisal can also be conducted prior to purchasing insurance. If the policyholder knows the cost to replace the building they would know how much coverage to purchase. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Joe Brennan Insurance Claim Estimates & Appraisals Ph: (919) 669-9111 Fx: (919) 573-9595

What are the disadvantages of project appraisal?

The main disadvantages of project appraisal are cost and time. The cost of a project appraisal may outweigh the potential profit to be made. The time taken to complete the appraisal may have an effect on the company if employees have been deployed from other areas.

Do you need to get an appraisal for home mortgage refinancing?

Every lender sets the standards and requirements for its various mortgage instruments. Whether you need another appraisal depends on many factors, including when the most recent appraisal was done. Your best bet is to check with the lender for these requirements. The cost of an appraisal is likely built into the closing costs.

Average cost of a commercial appraisal?


How do you find out the appraisal amount on a home?

If you paid for the appraisal, then you are entitled to a copy of it. Contact the appraiser or the person who ordered the appraisal and request your copy. If you weren't the person who paid for the appraisal, you will have to order and pay for a new or updated appraisal.

What different between appraisees and appraiser?

An appraisee is the home buyer or home owner having the appraisal done. The appraiser is the person doing the actual appraisal to determine the value of the property.

How much does a good property appraisal cost?

A professionally conducted property appraisal often varies in cost by geographic region. However, in most areas of the United States you would expect to pay about $400.

Where can I get a diamond appraised?

Most jewelry stores offer appraisal services for a cost.

What is an appraisal?

A home appraisal is simply a statement of the "market value" of your home based on recent sales history of homes comparable to your home. The appraised value is determined by a state licensed appraiser, and is typically conducted for the mortgage lender. The appraisal is actually ordered by your mortgage lender and they technically "own" it although you pay for it as part of your loan application process. The mortgage lender, real estate agent, buyer and seller have no influence over the outcome of the appraisal.

Difference between performance appraisal and potential appraisal?

potential appraisal is not performance appraisal. similarly performance appraisal is not potential appraisal.

Difference between effective dated appraisal and retrospective appraisal?

The effective date is the actual date that the appraiser is on the property, the market value at that specific time. A retrospective appraisal is an appraisal that gives the market value at another specific time other than when the appraisal is done. The retrospective appraisal utilizes information only up to the retrospective date. A good example for the need of a retrospective appraisal is fire, or the belief that a home was over appraised at an earlier date.

How do you get a loan if home appraisal is higher than value of home?

Apply for less money than the appraisel.

What are different types of appraisal methods?

self appraisal one-to-one appraisal team based appraisal 180 and 360 degree appraisal third party appraisal

What is the performance appraisal system in Wipro?

The performance appraisal system at Wipro uses three types of appraisal for their employees. It includes a confirmatory appraisal, an interim appraisal, and an annual performance appraisal.

How do you obtain a pre existing appraisel on a home?

If it for your own information you can simply call your broker/banker and ask him for a copy. RESPA requires that you as a borrower have a right to receive a copy of your appraisal. However, be advised that even though you paid for your appraisal, it is not YOUR appraisal. It is the property of whatever Banker/Broker ordered the appraisal. You can not reuse an appraisal for the purpose of refinancing unless the new mortgage company has the appraisal assigned to them. This requires the original broker to release their interest in the appraisal and sign it over to the new company. Its probably best just to get a new appraisal depending on the age of the pre exsisting appraisal. There may be new comparable sales to your benefit or detriment.

What is appraisal service?

what is appraisal servives

What is crop appraisal?

what is crop appraisal

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