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What is the cure for hair loss?


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November 18, 2009 3:31PM

You need a strong anti-androgen topical that will stop hormones attacking your hair follicles. I say topical to avoid any nasty side affects.
The strongest topical anti-androgen on the market is Androvex. I think you buy it online. Just Google it.
It'll give you regrowth and no side affects.


First be sure to find out which kind of Hair loss you are suffering from.

Some hair loss conditions are hereditary, some are temporary, caused by sudden life-changing or stressful events, some are due to illnesses, restrictive diets or medications.

Before attempting to cure it, you must know what the source of the symptoms are.

Before trying any remedies or taking any supplements, make sure you know what is causing your hair loss. If you have consulted a physician and/or dermatologist and ruled out dieting, medication, illness, stress, then perhaps it is simply an hereditary condition and you can find supplements and remedies to counter the effects of the hormones causing the hair loss.

Examples of remedies are Propecia (though not suitable for women), Rogaine, or Provillus (a natural supplement). You can alternatively try different herbs, acupuncture, other holistic treatments.