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It all depends on what you want to give. The company I work for pays 34 cents per mile. A quick Google search reveals numbers between 30 to 39 cents per mile. I don't know where you live, but where I work in Florida they pay .55/mile.

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Q: What is the current cents per mile reimbursement for employee auto business travel?
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What is the current cents per mile reimbursement for Federal empoyee auto travel business travel?

Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Reimbursement Rates 2011: Automobile: $0.51 per mile Motorcycle: $.048 per mile Airplane: $1.29 per mile

What is the 2008 Gas mileage reimbursement Wisconsin?

58.5¢ for business travel in WI for 2008. Have a good day!

Who sets the rate for mileage reimbursement rates in Illinois?

Reimbursement rates for business travel in your own vehicle are set by the Internal Revenue Service. See related links for details.

What is mileage reimbursement for a company owned vehicle?

Mileage reimbursement is not provided to employees when using company-owned vehicles. Mileage reimbursement is usually offered to employees who must use their own personal vehicles for travel on company business.

Samples of trip memorandum?

Trip memorandums often include travel authorization, vehicle use, travel expense filing, and business meals charges. Travel reimbursement can also be included.

Where can I get more information about business travel insurance?

You can definitely get travel insurance information from your current car/home insurance provider. Otherwise you can also find business insurance providers online at

What is fair mileage reimbursement rate on 3500 heavy duty chev silverodo?

.51 cents per mile is what the IRS allows for business travel.

Can a business can pay directly for hotel for an employee?

The way a business pays for travel for their employees is based on their policies. There are times when a business will pay for the cost of purchasing a hotel for their employees.

Can an employer take control of employees travel rewards?

That depends if the rewards are company owned and if the employee is traveling for business purposes and all expense of the employee is covered by the company.

What is mileage reimbursement rate in New Jersey?

New Jersey reimburses state employees for business travel at a rate of $0.31 per mile. This has been the same rate since 2001. The current rate announced by the IRS effective January 1, 2008 is $0.505 per mile.

What is the current cents per mile reimbursement for employee related business travel in 2006?

- Airplane .......... $1.07 per mile - Automobile Rates: 44.5 cents per mile (if no Government Owned Vehicle available) 28.5 cents per mile (if Government Owned Vehicle available) 12.5 cents per mile (if committed to use Government Owned Vehicle) - Motorcycle POV Rate ..... 30.5 cents per mile You can find this information at

Can w2s be emailed to employees?

Common practice is to give W-2 to employees at the workplace. If the employee is unavailable due to business travel, vacation, etc, then it is acceptable to mail the W-2 to the employee.

Why it important to keep records of business travel and accommodation arrangements?

There are several reasons to keep accurate records of business travel and accommodations arrangements. First, along with these records, keep a notepad on the trips, when you went and what business contacts you made. This is a good record that will certainly come in handy for future business prospects. While the former is "handy" the next reason is more "down to earth", in a manner of speaking. For income tax purposes you may need these for any eligible deductions. Also, for internal company reimbursement records, the auditing department may have questions on expenses for which you are entitled for reimbursement.

When does an employer have to pay travel expenses?

If the trip is solely for business purposes e.g. a conference that the employee would otherwise not need to attend.

What is business travel?

Business travel is travel that you take for business reasons. So, if you have to go to Denver to visit your family, that is a vacation. If you have to go for a work conference, that is business travel. Business travel is typically paid for by your employer, while your own personal travel is paid for by you.

What business travel?

Business travel is travel undertaken for work or business purposes, as opposed to other types of travel, such as for leisure purposes or regularly commuting between one's home and workplace.

Ethics of Corporate Business Travel?

The economic recession has led to many employers ending expense accounts or significantly tightening restrictions on business travel. Things that would have been easily written off as a business expense five years ago are being covered out-of-pocket by executives today. Don't get caught making fraudulent expenditures -- research corporate expense account policies and accountability before taking a business trip. Additionally, business schools are increasingly offering ethics classes about corporate business travel and expense accounts. Taking a seminar or reading a book about business ethics can ensure that all expenses incurred during a business trip are ethical and properly documented for reimbursement.

Can you describe the methods used for preparing travel arrangements?

In an organization having a large number of employees, and also having a travel center, a method is provided for enhancing preparedness of employees for international travel. When the travel center is requested to make international travel arrangements for an employee, a travel notification message identifying the employee is transmitted to each of a number of specialized, travel service providers associated with the organization. A computer associated with a given travel service provider is then operated to determine whether the employee was identified in a previously received travel notification message. If not, the given travel service provider transmits a first travel preparation message to the employee, which comprises a complete list of travel services available from the given travel service provider. Otherwise, the given travel service provider transmits a second travel preparation message to the employee, which comprises a list of updating travel services available from the given travel service provider.

What must you do with your travel charge card reimbursement?

Pay the balance on your travel charge card bill in full before it becomes delinquent.

What is Christopherson Business Travel's population?

The population of Christopherson Business Travel is 250.

Why is the hourly cost of a labor for the business higher than the amount stated as wage paid to the employee?

The employers' hourly costs would include a pro rated share of any longer-term benefits paid on the employees' behalf, such as insurance, unpaid leave (which reduces employer efficiency). It would NOT include taxes deducted from employee paychecks, since those are costs to the employee, not the employer. You could include other employee-related costs, but they are not considered "wages", such as the cost of uniforms, travel on business, etc., but rather "business expenses".

How do you get business travel insurance?

In order to get business travel insurance, you would have to contact an insurance company that offers this service. Then request a quote for your business travel insurance.

Should I purchase insurance when I travel for business?

Depending on your needs and financial situation, business travel insurance should be considered for your business trips. Many travel insurance companies have business specific coverage, but you are not legally obliged to purchase travel insurance.

Where is a good source for business travel news?

You can catch up on the latest business travel news through either Business Travel news, MSNBC, or Business Week just to name a few resources.

Latrell's employer paid for his business trips and he was not taxed on the travcel reimbursement. How much income does Latrell have to recognize as a result of purchasing with points?

Latrell recently used his Delta Skymiles to purchase a free roundtrip ticket to Milan, Italy (value $1,200). The frequent flyer miles used to purchase the ticket were generated from Latrell's business travel as a CPA. Latrell's employer paid for his business trips, and he was not taxed on the travel reimbursement.Use an available tax research service to determine how much income, if any, does Latrell have to recognize as a result of purchasing an airline ticket with Skymiles earned from business travel.